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The Armory is unlocked by Crafting the Armory craftable.
Once you have crafted the Armory, you can receive various Swords from the Bonus Stages. Bonus Stage 2 has a base chance of 2% for rewarding you with an Armory Chest upon completing the Bonus Stage. Similarly, Bonus Stage 3 has a 4% base chance. Bonus Stage 1 does not have a base chance for rewarding you with an Armory Chest. You can increase that chance by +10% by Crafting the Ascendant Badge craftable - this means Bonus Stage 1 can reward you with an Armory Chest upon completion of the Bonus Stage if you have crafted the Ascendant Badge.
Once you have purchased the Ultra Ascension Upgrade Chest In a Chest for 5.00e13 / 50 T SP, you will also unlock a "very small" chance of receiving various Shields during the Chest Hunt Minigame.
These Armory Swords and Shields can be equipped to receive a variety of bonuses.

Armory Swords and Shields can be upgraded with DP, Dragon Scales, and Spirit Boosts in the Village by talking to Hammelia. For each level you upgrade your Armory equipment, you will receive a higher bonus of the listed bonus(es) on that item.
When you originally unlock the Armory, you will have 12 Armory slots available to store Armory equipment. This amount can be increased by +8 when you Craft the Crate craftable.
You can also break your Armory equipment to free up Armory equipment slots again. You will not be refunded any DP or Materials upon breaking any Armory equipment.
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Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Ascendant Badge 1.00e50 / 100 Qd
10 Titanium
10 Dragon Scale
10 Goblin Cloth
10 Fairy Cloth
10 Spirit Boost
Gain a +10% chance of getting an Armory item by completing a Bonus Stage.
Armory 1.00e51 / 1 Sd
50 Titanium
20 Dragon Scale
100 Pincer
80 Yeti Fang
Unlock the Armory tab.
Crate 1.00e54 / 1 St
150 Wood
Increase your Armory slots by +8.
Chest In a Chest 5.00e13
50 T SP
Get a very small chance of getting an Armory Chest from the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Note: Craftable Item Requirement: Armory

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
So Long Partner Break your first item from the Armory.
Hope You Don't Regret Break 10 items from your Armory.
Breaker Break 25 items from your Armory.
Treasure Hunt Find your first item for the Armory.
Mephisto Run Find 10 items for your Armory.
Blood Castle Memories Find 25 items for your Armory.
Devil Square Memories Find 50 items for your Armory.
Item +5 Get a +5 item in your Armory.
Item +7 Get a +7 item in your Armory.
Item +10 Get a +10 item in your Armory.
Excellent Get your first Excellent item for the Armory.
My Combat Arsenal Unlock the Armory.


Adranos-Klinge, braucht Schwert Lvl. 200, gibt +2% Seelenbonus, jedes +1 braucht lvl +50 und gibt +2 Seelenbonus, blaues Schwert gibt +2,2% Bonus MpS Basis + 1,1% Bonus MpS pro +1, grünes (exzellent) ist wie +1 aber ohne die Lvl-Anforderung, +Option gibt zum Beispiel +2% Typ Elektrisch Seelen + 2% pro +1

Boreas-Langschwert, braucht Schwert Lvl. 200, gibt +15% Typ Feuer Seelen, jedes +1 braucht lvl+50 und gibt +15% Typ Feuer Seelen

Kishar-Großschwert, braucht Schwert Lvl. 200, gibt +15% MpS, jedes +1 braucht lvl+10 und gibt +15%MpS, blaues Schwert gibt 1% Feinde