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The Armory is unlocked by crafting the Armory Craftable. You'll use it to collect weapons and items (Swords, Shields, Armor, or Ring) which offer major boosts to gameplay.

Finding Armory Items

Armory Swords, Shields, Armor, and Ring can be equipped to receive a variety of bonuses.


The Ascendant Badge will grant a 10% base chance to get an Armory Chest containing a Sword from Bonus Stages (the Ascendant Badge is required to earn chests in the Bonus Stage). Bonus Stage 2 gives a bonus 2% chance and Bonus Stage 3 gives a 4% bonus. This means that you will have a 10%, 12% and 14% chance to be rewarded with an Armory Chest for completing Bonus Stages 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

The temporary craftable Ascendant Badge Boost gives a 40% increase in finding an Armory item in the next complete Bonus Stage. An Ascendant Badge Boost persists over ascensions and is not lost if you fail a bonus stage.


The Ultra Ascension Upgrade Chest In a Chest provides a 0.5% chance of a Chest Hunt chest being an Armory chest instead. If you open the Chest Hunt Chest, you'll open the Armory chest after Chest Hunt has ended. This upgrade can take effect multiple times per Chest Hunt.


Once you've crafted the Itinerary and completed a Weekly Quest, you can Crack a Giant Dragon Egg, and receive an Armory Chest of Defense, which will contain Armor.


Once you've unlocked the Sacred Tome of Death Pact astral and purchase Special Dark Divinity, you get a 8% chance that the bonus stage portal leads you to face Alpha Victor. Defeating Alpha Victor rewards a Ring.

Storing and Upgrading your Armory Items

The Armory starts off with 12 slots. You can break Armory items to free up space. You will not be refunded any DP (unless you purchase the Dismantler astral for items +7 or higher) or Materials upon breaking an Armory item, so you should only do it to free up space or for Achievements. Crafting the Crate and Steel Crate will add additional Armory slots.

Each different Armory type has a base bonus and additional bonuses per level. Increasing the level of an Armory item increases the value of bonuses. Items can spawn at base level, [+1], [+2], [+3], and [+4]. The corresponding equipment item needs to be at certain levels to enable your Armory item, depending on the level of your Armory item. This can become quite expensive.

Armory items can be upgraded by using Divinity Points, Dragon Scales, Spirit Boosts, and Simurgh Feathers (depending on the level) in the Village by talking to Hammelia, once Hammelia's Hammer has been crafted.

Armory Types and Options

Any item can spawn as an Excellent item, which provides a +25% bonus to the base level and any bonuses. While this is a +25% bonus to the base stats, it is important to compare it to the same item without the Excellent property. When making this comparison, the actual difference that Excellent makes is not very big on most items.

All Armory bonuses are multiplicative.

Type Subtype Base Bonus (per level) Possible Options (per level)
Sword Adranos Blade 2% Souls Bonus
  • 1.1% Bonus CpS
  • 2% Electic-type Souls
  • 2% Offline CpS
Boreas Longsword 15% Fire-type Souls
  • 1% Bonus CpS
  • 0.2% Souls Bonus
  • 2% Fire-type Souls
Kishar Greatsword 15% CpS per Coin
  • 10% Chest hunt Souls
  • 0.3% bonus CpS
  • 1% enemies
  • 0.4% Emeralds
Shield Adranos Round Shield 1.8% Souls Bonus
  • 0.2% Materials drop chance
  • 0.5% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 1.7% Giants Souls
Boreas 4.8% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 0.4% Spirit Boost Chance
  • 1% bonus CpS
  • 0.3% Sapphires
  • 0.8% Fire-type Souls
Kishar Kiteshield 5.5% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 0.3% in-game Souls bonus
  • 0.4% Spirit boost Chance
  • 1.5% Giant Souls
Armor Adranos 7% Offline CpS
  • 0.2% Boost's max speed
  • 0.25% Giants Souls
  • 0.7% Souls bonus
Boreas 6% Offline CpS
  • 3% CpS per Coin
  • 0.5% bonus CpS
  • 1% increase Collectables Magnet radius
Kishar 5% Offline CpS
  • 3% Coins from Enemies
  • 0.5% enemies
  • 3% CpS per Coin
Ring Victor's Ring +1% Souls bonus from criticals
  • Increase the attack of the Bow by 1%
  • Increase the duration of Craftable Temporary Items by 2%
  • Increase the chance of doing critical hits by 0.2%

Armory Guide

When you've first crafted the Armory and Ascendant Badge you're likely to be just before the UA for Stone of Hope or just after it, in either case, it is unlikely that you'll have much DP. DP is a crucial consideration to keep in mind throughout the entirety of the Armory, while its great to get lots of drops, not having enough DP to upgrade them makes them only a little more than antiques collecting dust. With specific regards to DP, it can take 1k-2k DP to upgrade any individual Armory item to a point where it's impactful, but each individual level is costly (ranging from 100-300 DP) and less impactful than other divinities, so its never worth sacrificing divinities for armory items.

The initial instinct might be to use the Ascendant Badge Boost to try to get more swords from bonus stages given the low drop rate, but while keeping the DP constraint in mind, it is recommended to not rush to get drops, as once you've acquired the perfect drops, all subsequent drops are useless. For all item upgrades, [+14] is a good ceiling for what level to take them to. If you've invested DP into any item and found a better substitute, it's worth considering the amount of DP it would take to level the new item to the point where it out performs the original.

For additional information regarding armory, as well as the data used for the basis for all discussion on this page, visit jetnoctis' Armory spreadsheet

killcrazy99's calculator is useful for comparing armory loadouts and shields.

wanwan's calculator is also useful for comparing armory loadouts with respect to Rage mode.

Below is a summary of each item including when it's valuable, how to go about leveling it, and any other information you could possibly need when entering Armory.


Adranos Blade

The Adranos Blade is the most desirable Sword for SP, with souls bonus as the base stat, there's no real need for any other options. The bonus CpS is nice but the amount is quite small and isn't too impactful beyond a few potential levels on each equipment. The Electric Souls are only useful practically when farming for slimes in Modern City due to the Delta Worms being electric-type, but that's a very marginal improvement as it's not the dimension to be farming SP in. Offline CpS is currently not very impactful so it is also not a very meaningful option.

The recommendation is that if you get a [+3] or [+4] Adranos Blade, you can consider leveling it to [+5] to [+9] if you're in a position where you need increased soul gains (for example, during the grind for Chest in a Chest) regardless of its options. If you get any Excellent Adranos regardless of options, you can consider it to be your main Sword for soul gains and level it up to [+12] before Chest in a Chest and further afterwards depending on what level requirement you're comfortable with getting consistently.

Kishar Greatsword

The Kishar Greatsword is the most desirable Sword for coins, with CpS per coin as the base stat, it's a massive boost to coins with no real need for other options. The bonus CpS is negligible. The emeralds are nice to have but not necessary. The increased enemies are nice for farming materials but provide undetermined SP benefits. The chest hunt souls are nice but not practical as swapping to a Kishar Greatsword with chest souls is too difficult when encountering a Chest Hunt key.

Any investment into a Kishar Greatsword is secondary to having a good Adranos Blade as soul gain is the priority. But if you find yourself to have a lot of excess DP, you can consider leveling an Excellent Kishar Greatsword up to [+7] as the best use case for a Kishar Greatsword is at the very start of an Ascension as it significantly boosts your coin gain, which can help you get your upgrades back before swapping back to an Adranos Blade. An Excellent Kishar Greatsword is recommended as the Excellent trait provides a larger benefit since the numbers start off higher. A Kishar Greatsword with the enemies option can be marginally helpful when farming materials.

Boreas Longsword

The Boreas Longsword is the most desirable Sword for farming souls in areas with a lot of fire-type enemies. Both the CpS and Souls options are negligible and can be ignored, the fire-souls option is multiplicative with the base stat so it's great to have.

Boreas Longsword is only good in Haunted Castle as long as you're actively avoiding purchasing the Delta Worms upgrade as you would otherwise not be getting bonus souls from fire-type Gamma Worms. Under that consideration, a Boreas Longsword will allow you to get more souls from farming in Haunted Castle compared to having an Adranos Blade and farming in Desert. While this is great, it's never worth investing DP into a Boreas Longsword as after you unlock Wander's Path, farming in Desert with an Adranos Blade is better than farming in Haunted Castle, since the main source of SP is rage mode with giants, and without Archdemon being fire-type, it is not better than farming Anubis.


Adranos Round Shield

The Adranos Round Shield is the most desirable Shield for farming materials despite the base stat being souls bonus. The Souls bonus from Criticals option is nice but nothing compared to Kishar Kiteshield, the souls from giant is nice but doesn't allow it to compare to Kishar Kiteshield, the material option is small but is the only way to improve material drop chance further.

Almost any quality of Adranos Round Shield is worse than the worst quality of Kishar Kiteshield, and is hence never worth investing into for soul gains. It can be good to equip an Adranos Round Shield when farming materials, any investment into an Adranos Round Shield would ideally be into an Excellent Adranos Round Shield with the option for extra materials, but this is secondary to any investment into a Kishar Kiteshield.

Kishar Kiteshield

The Kishar Kiteshield is the most desirable Shield for soul gains as the base stat improves souls from criticals by a large margin, and the Giant Souls option is perfect as the vast majority of SP comes from giant kills by this point. The in-game Souls bonus and spirit boost chance are both nice but not necessary at all.

The Kishar Kiteshield is an extremely powerful item and can easily double your soul gains. A Kishar Kiteshield with the Giant Souls option is perfectly fine to take up to [+12] immediately, the drop rate for Shields is quite low and the only improvement upon a Kishar with Giant Souls is the same as an Excellent drop.

Boreas Shield

The Boreas Shield serves no purpose, the base stat is strictly worse than the Kishar Kiteshield. The Spirit Boost Chance, bonus CpS, Fire-type Souls and Sapphires are each negligible and provide no real benefit.

Even a Boreas shield with perfect options is worse than a Kishar Kiteshield, there is currently no reason to level a Boreas Shield to any degree, nor any reason to keep a Boreas Shield at all. Even if fire-type giants existed, a Kishar Kiteshield would be better than a Boreas Shield with Fire-type Souls.


Each Armor has Offline CpS as the base stat, Offline CpS is currently not very meaningful so this guide will only discuss the available options.

Adranos Armor

The Adranos Armor is the most desirable Armor for soul gains if it has ideally both the Giants Souls and Souls bonus options. The Boost speed option is of negligible value. The values for Giant Souls are quite small and don't make too much of a difference, the Souls Bonus is a bit better and marginally beneficial.

As you would acquire Armor before Shields, even though Adranos Armor with options can be good for soul gains, it is not worth investment until acquiring both a good sword and shield, as even a high level Adranos Armor would only give 12-15% overall souls bonus, even with the Excellent trait.

Kishar Armor

The Kishar Armor is the most desirable Armor for coins, for the same reason as Kishar Greatsword, having both Coins from Enemies and CpS per Coin allows for a significant increase in coins. The increased enemies are nice for farming materials but provide undetermined SP benefits.

For the same reason as Kishar Greatsword, Kishar Armor is worth keeping at a low level to help with the period after an Ascension.

Boreas Armor

The Boreas armor serves no real purpose as it falls short of the Kishar Armor in most ways, it's only useful if you do not have a Kishar Armor with options. The increased Collectables Magnet Radius is negligible and has not yet been confirmed whether any level of Boreas Armor could allow a Chest Hunt key to be collected without jumping.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Ascendant Badge 1.00e50 / 100 Qd
10 Titanium
10 Dragon Scale
10 Goblin Cloth
10 Fairy Cloth
10 Spirit Boost
Gain a +10% chance of getting an Armory item by completing a Bonus Stage.
Armory 1.00e51 / 1 Sd
50 Titanium
20 Dragon Scale
100 Pincer
80 Yeti Fang
Unlock the Armory tab.
Hammelia's Hammer 2.50e51 / 1 Sd
10 Wood
5 Yeti Fang
350 Pincer
Unlock Hammelia in the Village.
Crate 5.00e57 / 5 Od
150 Wood
Increase your Armory slots by +8.
Ascendant Badge Boost 3 Dragon Scale
1 Spirit Boost
100 Pincer
Increase the chance of getting an Armory Chest on the next Bonus Stage by 40%.
Chest In a Chest 5.00e13
50 T SP
Get a very small chance of getting an Armory Chest from the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Note: Craftable Item Requirement: Armory

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
So Long Partner Break your first item from the Armory.
Hope You Don't Regret Break 10 items from your Armory.
Breaker Break 25 items from your Armory.
Treasure Hunt Find your first item for the Armory.
Mephisto Run Find 10 items for your Armory.
Blood Castle Memories Find 25 items for your Armory.
Devil Square Memories Find 50 items for your Armory.
Item +5 Get a +5 item in your Armory.
Item +7 Get a +7 item in your Armory.
Item +10 Get a +10 item in your Armory.
Item +12 Get a +12 item in your Armory.
Item +13 Get a +13 item in your Armory.
Excellent Get your first Excellent item for the Armory.
My Combat Arsenal Unlock the Armory.