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The Armory is unlocked by Crafting the Armory Craftable. You'll use it to collect weapons and items (Swords, Shields, Armor, Helmet, Boots, Ring, Dagger, Axe or Bow) which offer major boosts to gameplay.

Last updated: v6.0.0

Finding Armory Items []

Armory Swords, Shields, Armors, Helmets, Boots, Rings, Daggers, Axes and Bows can be equipped to receive a variety of bonuses.


The first Bonus Stage completed after crafting the Armory is guaranteed to have an Armory Chest at the end containing a Sword. Thereafter, the base chance to receive subsequent swords for Bonus Stage completions is 0% for Bonus Stage 1, 2% for Bonus Stage 2 and 4% for Bonus Stage 3.

The Ascendant Badge will increase the base chance by 10%. This results in a 10%, 12% and 14% chance to be rewarded with an Armory Chest for completing Bonus Stages 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

The Temporary Craftable Ascendant Badge Boost gives a 60% increase in finding an Armory item in the next complete Bonus Stage. The Ascendant Badge Boost persists over Ascensions (and Ultra Ascensions) and its benefit is only consumed if a Bonus Stage is completed (unless you have crafted Hardened Ascendant Badge Boost, in which case it will only be consumed if an Armory Item drops.)

Shields []

The Astral Ascension Upgrade Chest In a Chest provides a 0.5% chance of a Chest Hunt Chest containing an Armory Chest. If you successfully find an Armory Chest in a Chest Hunt, it will spawn on the ground after the Chest Hunt ends to be opened. Multiple Armory Chests can spawn in a Chest Hunt.

There is also a Key Item, the Coimbo Shield I. It can be redeemed as a prize from the Slayer's Lounge and has a base level requirement of 1.

Armor []

Once you've crafted the Itinerary and completed a Weekly Quest, you can crack a Giant Dragon Egg and receive an Armory Chest of Armors, which will contain Armor.

There is also a Key Item Armor. Albert has gone missing again, after being rescued from the tree. Find him and equip an Excellent Armor to save him. Upon returning him to Cristino, you will be gifted the Tactical Armor Plate.

Helmet []

After you have built the Lounge in the Village and exchange Slayer Chips for a set of Reptile Eyes, you can crack a Giant Reptile Egg and receive an Armory Chest of Helmets, which will contain a Helmet.

Boots []

Destroying Armory Items will leave some Scrap behind. This can be combined with some Dragon Scales and Simurgh Feathers to create an Armory Item of Boots.

Ring []

Once you've unlocked the Sacred Tome of Death Pact and purchased the Boss Dark Divinity, Alpha Victor, there is a 50% chance that the Bonus Stage Portal leads you to Alpha Victor instead of the Bonus Stage. Defeating Alpha Victor rewards a Ring. Defeating Alpha Victor in under 90 seconds will guarantee that the Ring will have the Excellent Trait. Another Upgrade reveals an additional Boss Dark Divinity for Specter Knight Alpha, who will drop the Will Skull Ring when felled. It is guaranteed to be Excellent if Specter Knight is defeated within 50 seconds. Only one of these Divinities can be active at a time.

There is also a Key Item ring, the Ring of Luck, that can be purchased from the Slayer's Lounge for Slayer Chips or Jewels of Soul after unlocking Chest In a Chest.


There is a chance to obtain a Dagger from emerging victorious in the Ascending Heights minigame. It has a 20% chance to appear normally, increasing to 45% if Higher Altitudes is active.


After discovering Frozen Shards from the above minigame, you will be able to assemble a Crystal Chest. Each one requires some Frozen Shards, Simurgh Feathers, and Reptile Eyes to craft.


There is a Key Item bow, as well as regular Armory Bows.

Once you've completed the Boss Fight and rescued Albert from the tree in the Village, you will be rewarded with the Bat Long Bow by Cristino. The Bat Long Bow is a Key Armory Item which cannot be upgraded. The base level requirement of Bat Long Bow is 500.

Once you unlock Advanced Divinities (1Qa / 1.00e15 SP), you can trigger the Dark Divinity, Long Range Weapons, for 500 DP. This will enable you to receive Armory Chests containing Bows rather than Swords at the end of a Bonus Stage.

Storing and Upgrading your Armory Items []

The Armory starts off with 12 slots. You can break Armory items to free up space. You will be refunded between 1 DP and 10 DP for breaking items between level [+1] and [+4] increased to between 2 DP and 15 DP if it has the Excellent Trait. Doing so will also turn them into Scrap, freeing up space and contributing to some Achievements in the process. Crafting the Crate and Steel Crate will add additional Armory slots.

Later, you can purchase the Astral Ascension Upgrade, Dismantler, which will allow you to recover all invested DP for items [+7] or higher, although materials won’t be refunded.

Each different Armory Item has a Main stat and additional stats for the Options, these stats increase “per level” by a constant amount (based on the stat itself). Increasing the level of an Armory item increases the value of all stats. Items can drop at the base level, [+1], [+2], [+3], and [+4]. There are additional Equipment level requirements that must be met to be able to equip the respective Armory Item. Depending on the level of your Armory Item, this level requirement can grow quite high, and be expensive to reach.

There is no way to add or modify Options on existing Armory Items, they can only be leveled to increase their effectiveness.

Armory items can be upgraded by using Divinity Points, Dragon Scales, Spirit Boosts, and Simurgh Feathers (depending on the level) in the Village by talking to Hammelia, once Hammelia's Hammer has been crafted. Key Armory Items cannot be upgraded.

Armory Guide[]

When you've first crafted the Armory and Ascendant Badge you're likely to be hovering around 30-35 total USP, making your way through the Village content. As this is relatively early in the game, it is unlikely that you’ll have enough DP to make full use of the Armory. DP is a crucial consideration to keep in mind throughout the entirety of the Armory; while it’s great to get lots of Items, not having the DP to upgrade them makes them only a little more than antiques collecting dust. It can take between 1,500 and 2,000 DP to upgrade an item to a point where it’s considered impactful. With each individual level ranging in cost from 100-300 DP and providing less benefit than any given Divinity, it’s almost never worth sacrificing Divinities for upgrading Armory Items.

After unlocking the Armory, the initial instinct may be to use the Ascendant Badge Boost to try to get more Swords from Bonus Stages given the low drop rate. This is not recommended as rushing to obtain the perfect drop without the DP necessary to level it is pointless, also all subsequent drops after the perfect one is obtained are essentially only worth Scrap and a few more Divinity Points. Once you've crafted Hardened Ascendant Badge Boost, the Boost is likely worth having crafted at all times.

For Swords and Shields, [+15] is a good ceiling for what level to take them to for a good while. The Equipment for later Armory Items require more coin to reach their level requirements, so keep an eye on what levels you can reach comfortably and level them accordingly. If you’ve invested DP into an item and found a better substitute, it’s worth considering the DP and materials required to outperform the original and the benefit of doing so. If you have the upgrade Dismantler, breaking an upgraded item will refund every Divinity Point spent on levels [+7] and up.

Below is a summary of each Item including when it's valuable, how to go about leveling it, and any other information you could possibly need when entering the Armory.


Adranos Blade[]

The Adranos Blade is the most desirable Sword for SP, with Souls Bonus as the base stat, there's no practical use for any other Options. The Bonus CpS Option is nice but the amount is quite small and isn't too impactful beyond potentially a few levels on each Equipment. The Electric-Type Souls Option is nice to have in Dimensions that house one of the few Electric-Type enemies. Two of the three are in the same place, but the Charged Adult Yeti gets special mention for being the Giant with the most Souls and being Electric-type. Don't worry about the Offline CpS Option too much, a Kishar Greatsword is significantly better for Offline Coins.

It is recommended to level an Adranos Blade up to [+9] (assuming it started off at [+3] or [+4]) if you’re in a position where you could benefit from increased Soul Bonus (for example, during the grind for Chest in a Chest). If you get any Excellent Adranos (regardless of Options), you can consider it to be your go-to Sword for Souls and level it up to [+12]. This should not exceed [+15] for a while as it will become too difficult to reach level 950 Sword consistently.

Boreas Longsword[]

The Boreas Longsword is the most powerful Sword for increasing Fire-Type Souls. Both the CpS and Souls Options are negligible, the Fire-Type Souls Option is multiplicative with the Main stat which makes it a good addition.

Boreas Longsword is only useful in Haunted Castle, the Calculator can be used to calculate the exact benefit of the Fire-Type Souls bonus. Generally, regardless of whether the Delta Worms Upgrade is avoided, Haunted castle will give more Souls than Hot Desert. Despite this benefit, it is never worth leveling a Boreas Longsword as other dimensions will become stronger than Haunted Castle later in the game which do not have any Fire-Type Enemies.

Kishar Greatsword[]

The Kishar Greatsword is the most powerful Sword for Coins, with Cps from Coin as the Main stat, it's a massive boost to coins with no need for other Options. Cps from Coin increases Coins from Coins, Gemstones and Enemies, this also boosts Offline Coins as enemies are slain Offline. The Bonus CpS Option is of negligible value. The increased Enemies Option marginally boosts overall Materials gained, Coins and SP. The Chest Hunt Souls Option is powerful but one must be prepared to use it when they want to, either by having it ready in advance or using Rage Mode to give themselves time to swap weapons. The Emeralds Option is very powerful as the increase is very large compared to the existing cap on Emerald Spawn Chance.

Investment into a Kishar Greatsword is second to having a good Adranos Blade, as Souls are the priority. If you do find yourself to have excess DP, you can consider leveling an Excellent Kishar Greatsword up to [+9] as this will improve the speed of your Ascensions due to the boost in Coins; being able to get to expensive Upgrades quicker is crucial for smoother Ascensions. The Excellent trait is key to Kishar Greatsword as it increases the Main stat substantially. An Excellent Kishar Greatsword with an Emeralds Option can be taken up to [+12] as the additional Emeralds synergises well with Stone of Rage.


Adranos Round Shield[]

The Adranos Round Shield is the Shield of choice for Chest Hunters, since the Main stat increases Souls Bonus. Neither the Souls Bonus from Criticals Option nor the Souls from Giants Option compare to the Kishar Shield, so this shield is only preferred if the player is focusing on Chest Hunt drops. The Material Drop Chance Option is marginally beneficial but is the only way to improve Material Drop Chance.

Almost any quality of Adranos Round Shield is worse than the Kishar Shield on average, and is hence never worth investing into for improving Souls (with the exception of Chest Hunt). It is beneficial to equip an Adranos Round Shield when farming Materials; any investment into an Adranos Round Shield should only be into an Excellent Adranos Round Shield with the Option for increased Material Drop Chance, but this would be the last point of investment out of any Item.

Boreas Shield[]

The Boreas Shield serves no purpose, the Main stat is strictly worse than that of the Kishar Shield. The Spirit Boost Chance, bonus CpS, Fire-type Souls and Sapphires Options are all negligible and provide no real benefit.

Even a Boreas shield with perfect Options is worse than a Kishar Shield on average, there is currently no reason to level a Boreas Shield to any degree, nor any reason to keep a Boreas Shield at all.

Kishar Shield[]

The Kishar Shield is the most powerful Shield for Souls as the Main stat improves Souls from Criticals substantially, the Giant Souls Option further boosts the Souls from Giants and lends well to the existing multiplier from Wander’s Path. The in-game Souls Bonus Option is negligible, the Spirit Boost Chance Option is not necessary either.

The Kishar Shield is an extremely powerful Item that can nearly double your Souls (especially in Dimensions with Giants). A Kishar Shield with the Giant Souls Option can be taken to [+12] immediately once obtained. This should not exceed [+15] as it will become too difficult to reach level 950 Shield consistently. As the drop rate for Shields is very low, there is no need to wait for one with the Excellent Trait.

Coimbo Shield[]

The Coimbo Shield is a powerful tool for accruing more cash. Coimbo Mode can activate at any time when this Shield is equipped. Picking up Coins and Gemstones will begin a "Coimbo", giving an increasing multiplier for every collectible picked up. Once a single coin is missed (outside of Frenzy,) the combo will reset. This pairs well with other coin-increasing items such as the Kishar Sword and Armor.


Each Armor has Offline CpS as the Main stat, the difference between each is only 1% per level, so the choice in which to level is given by their Options. A consideration unique to Armor is that it costs 3 Dragon Eggs to Craft each one, it is therefore not recommended to craft Armor indefinitely as Dragon Eggs are useful for obtaining Dragon Scales. Generally, you should craft Armor until you don’t want to invest further Dragon Eggs into them. You should not craft more Armor after choosing to level one.

Adranos Armor[]

The Adranos Armor is the most powerful Armor for Souls if it has at least the in-game Souls option, and ideally the Giant Souls Option too. The Boost Speed Option has negligible benefit. The Giant Souls Option stat is quite low and doesn’t make much of a difference, the in-game Souls Bonus is a bit better but nothing to write home about.

As you would acquire Armor before Shields, even though Adranos Armor with Options can be good for Souls, it is not worth investing in until acquiring both a good Sword and Shield. Even at [+12], An Excellent Adranos Armor with both Souls related Options only increases Souls by +13.9% in a Dimension with Giants, and +11.3% in a Dimension without Giants.

Boreas Armor[]

The Boreas Armor serves no real purpose as it falls short of the Kishar Armor in most aspects, it's only useful if you do not have a Kishar Armor with both Coin related Options. The increased Collectables Magnet Radius has negligible benefit, a [+16] Excellent Boreas Armor with increased Magnet Radius isn't enough to walk under a Chest Hunt key and collect it. A [+17], on the other hand, will accomplish this.

Kishar Armor[]

The Kishar Armor is the most powerful Armor for coins, for the same reason as Kishar Greatsword, having both Coins from Enemies and Cps from Coin Options allows for a significant increase in Coins. Both of these Options help with Offline Coins too. The increased Enemies Option marginally boosts overall Materials gained, Coins and SP.

If you find yourself to have excess DP, you can consider leveling a Kishar Armor up to [+9] as this will improve the speed of your Ascensions due to the boost in Coins; being able to get to expensive Upgrades quicker is crucial for smoother Ascensions. The Excellent trait is not necessary as it is already quite rare to get an Item with 2 Options. After investing into a Sword, Shield and Ring, it can be worthwhile to take a Kishar Armor up to [+12] for even quicker Ascensions.

Tactical Armor Plate[]

Its sole purpose is to accelerate Quests. It will progress Random Box, Coin, Gemstone, and Enemy Quests by an additive +5 per instance. (In-game only)


All Helmet items have the same main stat and identical options, only differing in potency. A Helmet with Coin Pick Up Bonus is a good one to start with, though it's ideal to have a helmet with at least both Coin options before upgrading one. Helmets overall have a small effect on gameplay and it's generally recommended to wait until one has cleared out most or all of the other Lounge prizes before aiming for an improved Helmet. It also costs both Dragon Eggs and Simurgh feathers so bear that in mind before crafting.


All three Boots have the same 1st main bonus and the same three options. The 2nd main bonus is where their individuality shines. As far as the Options go, the Coin Pick Up Bonus is the most compatible Option for Ascendants and their wallets; it can even double Coins / Gemstones once upgraded enough. The Boreas Boots boasts the best bonus in this regard. The others have notably less potency, but their unique bonus isn't locked into a single Dimension. With their rather expensive crafting cost of Scrap, Dragon Scales, and Simurgh Feathers it might do well to craft only a few of these to start with. You can obtain Scrap by discarding Armory Items.

Adranos Boots[]

Another item pitches in to help buff fire-type monsters! Between this, the Boreas Sword, and the Adranos Dagger, these could probably make those two fire-types quite a force if the player is okay with making sure that they don't unlock Delta Worms each time they Ascend.

Boreas Boots[]

Frozen Fields makes a comeback in a big way with these - the 2nd main bonus increases the Soul Bonus Multiplier while in Frozen Fields, with its output usually far exceeding any other Dimension once upgraded.

Kishar Boots[]

The second main bonus buffs the souls of any Electric-type enemies. Two out of the three that currently exist are in Frozen Fields, and the Boreas Boots' bonus is much more potent. This is less committal, and can still provide a nice bonus in any of the Dimensions that have Worms in it.


There are three Rings: one is a purchasable item from the Lounge, and the other two are drops from Boss Fights.

Ring of Luck[]

This item's sole purpose is to increase the frequency and quality of future Armory Items. It nearly doubles the drop rate of Shields and may very well be worth it for that alone.

Victor's Ring[]

Given that Victor’s Ring is a guaranteed drop for defeating Alpha Victor, and guaranteed to be Excellent if defeated under 90 seconds, the only factor to consider is the Options present. The increased Critical Chance Option synergises with the Main stat so it is a necessary Option before leveling. The Temporary Craft Duration provides good Quality of Life (convenience) as the increased duration on Temporary Buffs such as Whetstone, Staves and Compasses are all beneficial. The increased Bow Attack Speed makes firing the Bow smoother, allowing for higher health Enemies to be more easily dealt with.

If you have already leveled a Sword and Shield, it is worth leveling a Ring with at least the Critical Chance option and either of the other Options. It is possible to get a 3 Option Ring within approximately 72 drops so it can be quite beneficial to keep aiming for a perfect item, scoring free Scrap and Divinity Points in the process.

Will Skull Ring[]

Given that this ring is a guaranteed drop for defeating Alpha Spectre Knight and guaranteed to be Excellent if defeated under 50 seconds, the only factor to consider is the Options present. The Dark-type Souls Option is very large, and in some dimensions causes this to become the accessory of choice. The Wind Dash Souls option is nice, but Wind Dash itself isn't very strong. The Rage Souls option is nearly non-existent, as it is additive.

If you enjoy seeing large rewards from Chest Hunt, this may be the Ring for you. At this stage in the game, even the level requirement for a [+19] Ring would be quite manageable if you can spare the materials for upgrading it. For comparison, the Charged Adult Yeti costs slightly more than the requirement for [+21]. Having every Armory Drop chance upgrade brings the chance of a perfect Ring down to roughly 1 out of 56 drops.


These are dropped in Ascending Heights; the cost of the enemy to unlock it is greater than the requirement to equip a [+14] Dagger, so upgrading one to at least [+12] should be manageable. The Souls Bonus from Criticals options are small, so they're just a nice bonus to have if the dagger you find has the other Options you want.

Adranos Dagger[]

Fire-type monsters gain another buff in the form of this item, if you can pick one up with the Fire-type Souls Option. The extra Souls option is larger than the main ability as well, so it's a decent find for most dimensions.

Boreas Dagger[]

Frozen Fields receives another large buff in the form of this dagger, if one happens to drop with that Option. It's not as large as the Boots but still very, very nice. The Bonus CpS option is also fairly good; if a dagger drops with that option as well as the first, there's no need to level up a Kishar Dagger.

Kishar Dagger[]

The Bow Damage to Giants option is interesting and definitely makes shooting them down easier, but may not be a high priority. The Emeralds Option is a powerful increase in coin gain, but is nearly matched by the Boreas Dagger's Bonus CpS Option if one happens to drop (and also impacts everything, as opposed to just picked up Coins.)


Crystal Funklouds, your days are numbered! With this in hand, these and other Small Enemies can return to being felled in one swing. Upgrading one of these results in a considerable increase in the player's Sword Damage, keeping play from being interrupted so often.

Options: they may not be strong, but there are a lot of them! Craft a few until you get your favorite Option and call it a day.

Upgrading: Since unlocking Ascending Heights required a few vigintillion (1.00e63) coins, reaching the requirement for [+13] could be reasonable enough. Levels +10 - +12 may be far more comfortable, though. As a reminder, this item's effects are rather small so it would be quite okay to put off upgrading this for a long time.

Bat Long Bow[]

The Bat Long Bow’s main advantage once acquired is the increased Bow damage to Small Enemies as this allows you to kill higher health Enemies, such as Blue Milk Mushrooms, with just 1 arrow. The increased Bow damage to Giants is useless as you cannot kill Giants with only 2 damage per arrow. The increased Bow damage to Bosses is useful as it will allow you to kill Bosses a lot quicker.

The increased Souls from Dark-Type Enemies is very powerful as it increases Dark-Type Souls from all sources, which allows dimensions containing Dark-Type Enemies to take the lead in overall Souls offered.


All Bow Items have the same Main stat and nearly identical Options, the only factors worth considering for leveling a Bow are what Skill it has and how strong the Bow Souls multiplier is from the Option. The main benefit of the Souls with Bow Option is for increasing Bonus Stage Souls as Rage Mode is not available in Bonus Stages.

Adranos Bow[]

The Adranos Bow is the most powerful Bow for Souls as it increases by 3% per level. The Bow damage to Giants Option doesn’t scale well and isn’t necessary for killing Giants.

If you have leveled a Sword, Shield, Ring and Armor, it is worth leveling an Excellent Adranos Bow with the Souls with Bow Option, with either the Parallel or Piercing Skill depending on your preference.

Kishar Bow[]

The Kishar Bows only strength is that the Bow damage to Giants Option scales the best out of the Bows, however the Option isn’t necessary for killing Giants, there is currently no reason to level a Kishar Bow to any degree, nor any reason to keep a Kishar Bow at all.

Boreas Bow[]

The Boreas Bow falls short of a Adranos Bow with equivalent Options, but not by much. An Excellent Adranos Bow with the Souls from Bow Option is overall +25% Bow Souls compared to an Excellent Boreas Bow with the Souls from Bow Option. The Bow damage to Giants and small enemies Options are not necessary for killing neither Giants nor small enemies.


A unique feature of Bow Items is that they have a very high chance to come with Skills which massively alter how the Bow projectiles work.

Parallel Shot[]

Parallel Shot allows for 2 additional arrows to be fired parallel to the horizontal shot. This massively increases the effective impact area of arrows, while also effectively tripling the damage you can do to Giants. When used in conjunction with Wind Dash, and with a high enough leveled Bow, you will be able to kill Giants with minimal effort. The rewards for doing so allow for a strict comparison between the Bow Souls multiplier against the Rage Souls multiplier as you will be able to kill everything with a Bow, just as how you kill everything during Rage Mode.

Piercing Shot[]

Piercing Shot allows for arrows to pierce through Armored enemies, rendering Armor a non factor when dealing with Enemies. This is extremely beneficial for dealing with large clumps of armored enemies such as Dark Hornets which can spawn in clumps of 8, or dealing with Hordes containing Armored Enemies. When used in conjunction with Wind Dash, and with a high enough leveled Bow, you will be able to kill Giants with a lot of effort. A lot of setup is required to allow you to kill Giants, however this is not the main benefit, it is the convenience of arrows going through Armored Enemies.

Electro Shot[]

Electro Shot allows for arrows to travel the width of the screen almost instantaneously, while electrocuting enemies that cross their path. The increased arrow speed is detrimental as the slower arrow speed without it allows for fewer shots to be fired for the same effect. The electrocution is not useful when dealing with Armored Enemies as the electrocution only deals 1 damage. It is not possible to kill Giants with a Bow with the Electro Shot Skill without exerting an extreme amount of effort.

If you are struggling to find an Excellent Adranos Bow with Souls from Bow (with Parallel/Piercing), it would be okay to level an Excellent Boreas Bow with the Souls from Bow Option.

Armory Types and Options []

Any Item can spawn as an Excellent item, which provides a +25% bonus to the Main stat and any additional Options. While this is a +25% bonus to the base stats, it is important to compare it to the same item without the Excellent property. When making this comparison, the actual difference that Excellent makes is not very big on most items.

Without any upgrades to drop quality, there is a 3% chance of an Armory Item being Excellent and 18% chance of any particular option. With all upgrades, these chances are 12% and 26% respectively, with the Ring of Luck (below) increasing the Excellent Chance further to +13%. Bows have a 75% chance of having a Skill attached.

All Armory bonuses are multiplicative except for the increases to Critical Chance, Gemstone Chance, Rage Mode Souls, and the bonuses to Drop Rate provided by Ring of Luck.

Skills are exclusive to bows and the Coimbo Shield.

Type Image Subtype Base Bonus (per level) Possible Options (per level) Skills
Sword Adranos Blade Adranos Blade 2% Souls Bonus
  • 1.1% Bonus CpS
  • 2% Electric-type Souls
  • 2% Offline CpS
Boreas Longsword Boreas Longsword 15% Fire-type Souls
  • 1% Bonus CpS
  • 0.2% Souls Bonus
  • 2% Fire-type Souls
Kishar Greatsword Kishar Greatsword 15% Cps from Coin
  • 10% Chest hunt Souls
  • 0.3% bonus CpS
  • 1% enemies
  • 0.4% Emeralds
Shield Adranos Round Shield Adranos Round Shield 1.8% Souls Bonus
  • 0.2% Materials drop chance
  • 0.5% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 1.7% Giants Souls
Boreas Shield Boreas Shield 4.8% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 0.4% Spirit Boost Chance
  • 0.3% Sapphires
  • 0.8% Fire-type Souls
Kishar Kiteshield Kishar Shield 5.5% Souls bonus from Criticals
  • 0.3% in-game Souls bonus
  • 0.4% Spirit boost Chance
  • 1.5% Giant Souls
Coimbo Shield I Key Item: Coimbo Shield I +5% Coins spawn rate
+25% Coin pick up bonus
Coimbo Mode: Get a stacking Coin Pick Up Bonus Multiplier by not missing a single coin.
Armor Adranos Armor Adranos Armor[1] 7% offline CpS
  • 0.2% Boost's max speed
  • 0.25% Giants Souls
  • 0.7% in-game Souls bonus
Boreas Armor Boreas Armor 6% offline CpS
  • 3% Cps from Coin
  • 0.5% bonus CpS
  • 1% increase Collectables Magnet radius
Kishar Armor Kishar Armor 5% offline CpS
  • 3% Coins from Enemies
  • 0.5% enemies
  • 3% Cps from Coin
Tactical Armor Plate Tactical Armor Plate Quests which require you to kill Enemies, collect Coins or Gemstones, or hit Random Boxes will increase by +5 per instance. (In-game only)
Helmet Adranos Helmet Adranos Helmet[2] 2% offline Souls
  • 2.1% Coins Value
  • 0.8% bonus CpS
  • Increase Giants spawn rate by 0.2%.
  • -0.05% Normal Coins Box chance
Boreas Helmet Boreas Helmet 1.8% offline Souls
  • 2.1% Coins Value
  • 0.6% bonus CpS
  • Increase Giants spawn rate by 0.4%.
  • -0.05% Normal Coins Box chance
Kishar Helmet Kishar Helmet 2.2% offline Souls
  • 2.5% Coins Value
  • 0.4% bonus CpS
  • Increase Giants spawn rate by 0.4%.
  • -0.05% Normal Coins Box chance
Boots Adranos Boots Adranos Boots +2.2% bonus CpS
+4.5% Fire-type Souls
  • -0.4% boost cooldown for every coin collected
  • 0.3% Offline Souls
  • 7% Coin Pick up Bonus
Boreas Boots Boreas Boots +1.7% Bonus CpS
+6.8% Souls in Frozen Fields
  • -0.32% boost cooldown for every coin collected
  • 0.38% Offline Souls
  • 11.2% Coin Pick up Bonus
Kishar Boots Kishar Boots +1.9% Bonus CpS
+4.5% Electric-type Souls
  • -0.25% boost cooldown for every coin collected
  • 0.55% Offline Souls
  • 9% Coin Pick up Bonus
Ring Ring of Luck Key Item: Ring of Luck +8% Bonus Stage Armory Chests
+0.35% Chest Hunt Armory Chests
+1% Excellent Chance
Victors Ring Victor's Ring +1% Souls Bonus from Criticals
  • Increase the attack speed of the Bow by 1%
  • Increase the duration of Craftable Temporary Items by 2%
  • Increase the chance of doing critical hits by 0.2%
Will Skull Ring Will Skull Ring +0.8% Souls Bonus
  • +3.1% Dark-type Souls
  • +0.2% Wind Dash Souls
  • +0.1x Rage Mode Souls
Dagger Adranos Dagger Adranos Dagger +0.45% bonus CpS and Souls
  • +0.8% Souls Bonus
  • +0.35% Souls Bonus from Criticals
  • +2.2% Fire-type Souls
Boreas Dagger Boreas Dagger +0.42% bonus CpS and Souls
  • +3.5% Souls Bonus in Frozen Fields
  • +0.4% Souls Bonus from Criticals
  • +1.2% Bonus CpS
Kishar Dagger Kishar Dagger +0.39% bonus CpS and Souls
  • +2.8% Bow Damage to Giants
  • +0.3% Emeralds
  • +0.45% Souls Bonus from Criticals
Axe Adranos Axe Adranos Axe +3.6% Sword Damage to Giants
  • +0.4% Bonus CpS
  • +0.5% Souls Bonus
  • +0.6% Fire-type Souls
  • +0.4% Bonus Stage Rewards
Boreas Axe Boreas Axe +3.4% Sword Damage to Giants
  • +0.5% Bonus CpS
  • +0.6% Bonus Souls
  • +0.6% Ice-type Souls
  • +0.4% Bonus Stage Rewards
Kishar Axe Kishar Axe +3.3% Sword Damage to Giants
  • +0.5% Bonus CpS
  • +0.5% Bonus Souls
  • +0.2% Electric-type Souls
  • +0.4% Dark-type Souls
  • +0.4% Bonus Stage Rewards
Bow Bat Long Bow Key Item: Bat Long Bow +100% Bow damage to Small Enemies
+100% Bow damage to Giants
+100% Bow damage to Bosses
120% Dark-type Souls
Adranos Bow Adranos Bow 20% Bow Damage to Giants
  • 3% Souls with bow
  • 0.3% Bow damage to Giants
  • Electro Shot Skill[3]
  • Parallel Shot Skill[4]
  • Piercing Shot skill[5]
Boreas Bow Boreas Bow 20% Bow Damage to Giants
  • 2.4% Souls with bow
  • 0.5% Bow damage to Giants
  • 0.2% Bow damage to small enemies
  • Electro Shot Skill[3]
  • Parallel Shot Skill[4]
  • Piercing Shot skill[5]
Kishar Bow Kishar Bow 20% Bow Damage to Giants
  • 1.6% Souls with Bow
  • 0.9% Bow damage to Giants
  • Electro Shot Skill[3]
  • Parallel Shot Skill[4]
  • Piercing Shot skill[5]
  1. The base level requirement of Adranos Armor is 50 higher than Kishar and Boreas Armor.
  2. The base level requirement of Adranos Helmet is 50 higher than Kishar and Boreas Helmet.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Faster arrow speed and hits electrocute nearby enemies.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Fire two additional arrows.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Arrows will pierce Armored Enemies.

General Gear Combinations[]

As one fills out their repertoire of Armory Items, it makes sense to want to equip some similarly-focused equipment based on the player's current goals. Here are some examples below:

Equipment Type Rage / Offline Chest Hunt Money Fire-themed
Sword Adranos Sword
with Electric Souls
Kishar Sword
with Chest Hunt Souls
Kishar Sword
with Emeralds[1]
Boreas Sword
(with more Fire Souls)
Shield Kishar Shield
with Giant Souls
Adranos Shield Coimbo Shield Kishar Shield
with Giant Souls[2]
Armor Adranos Armor[3] Kishar, with one or
both Coin options
Helmet Any Helmet Any, with one or

both Coin options

Boots Boreas or Kishar Boreas Boots Any Boots with
Coin Pick Up Bonus
Adranos Boots
Ring[4] Victor's Ring with
Critical Hit Rate
Will Skull Ring
Dagger Boreas Dagger with
Frozen Fields Option
Boreas Dagger with
Frozen Fields Option
Kishar Dagger with Emeralds Option,
or Boreas Dagger with Bonus CpS Option[5]
Adranos Dagger with
Fire-type Option
Axe Any Axe with
Souls Option
Any Axe with
Souls Option
Any Axe with
Bonus CpS Option
Adranos Axe with
Fire-type Option
Bow Bat Long Bow Adranos or Boreas
with Bow Souls
  1. The Emeralds Option isn't the most important ability to aim for, though it does provide a nice buff outside of Gemstone Rush. The Kishar Sword's main ability is plenty by itself.
  2. Despite the Boreas Shield having an option specifically dedicated to boosting Fire-type Souls, the Kishar Shield is still that much better.
  3. Neither option is very large, so possessing or upgrading this type of item is a low priority.
  4. Despite the other options not being listed, aiming to get every Option on this Equipment is still recommended if the player can assure an Excellent time.
  5. Kishar Dagger provides slightly more money outside of Gemstone Rush, while Boreas Dagger provides slightly more money during Gemstone Rush. They are nearly equal.

Other Resources[]

For additional information regarding armory, as well as the data used for the basis for all discussion on this page, visit Jetnoctis' Armory spreadsheet

Wanwan's Rage Calculator is also useful for comparing Armory loadouts with respect to Rage Mode. (Version 1.3.8, game version 5.3.0)

cdjblue's Offline Calculator allows one to estimate how one's Armory effects each Dimension in terms of offline rewards. (Version 1.0.5, game version 6.0.3)

The official Idle Slayer Calculator, maintained by GCHeroes, is useful for looking at the effectiveness of a complete Armory loadout on the Souls received from each Dimension. (Updated with enemies added up to game version 6.0.3)

Related Purchases[]

Name Cost Description
Armory 1.00e49 / 10 Qd
50 Titanium
20 Dragon Scale
100 Pincer
80 Yeti Fang
Unlock the Armory tab.
Ascendant Badge 1.00e50 / 100 Qd
10 Titanium
10 Dragon Scale
10 Goblin Cloth
10 Fairy Cloth
10 Spirit Boost
Gain a +10% chance of getting an Armory item by completing a Bonus Stage.
Ascendant Badge Boost 3 Dragon Scale
1 Spirit Boost
100 Pincer
Increase the chance of getting an Armory Chest on the next Bonus Stage by 60%.
Hardened Ascendant Badge Boost 5.00e56 / 500 St
35 Reptile Eye
100 Titanium
10 Simurgh Feather
You keep the Ascendant Badge Boost if you don't get an Armory Chest.
Hammelia's Hammer 2.50e51 / 2.5 Sd
10 Wood
5 Yeti Fang
350 Pincer
Unlock Hammelia in the Village.
Itinerary 5.00e52 / 50 Sd
250 Bat Wings
65 Goblin Cloth
100 Root
Unlock the Weekly Quests.
Shiny Crystal Ball 1.00e52 / 10 Sd
7 Simurgh Feather
4 Dragon Scale
20 Goblin Cloth
100 Bat Wings
Armory Items are +3% more likely to spawn with additional Options.
Shiny Pyramid 1.00e52 / 10 Sd
450 Pincer
6 Simurgh Feather
5 Dragon Scale
Get a +3% chance of getting an Excellent Armory Item from any Armory Chest.
Polar Necklace 5.00e54 / 5 St
30 Frozen Shard
20 Root
5 Yeti Fang
Armory Items are +2% more likely to spawn with additional Options.
Crystal Necklace 1.00e62 / 100 Nd
100 Frozen Shard
50 Root
5 Fairy Cloth
10 Goblin Cloth
Get a +2% chance of getting an Excellent Armory Item from any Armory Chest.
Armory Talismans 7.50e9
7.5 B SP
Unlock the Armory Talismans in the Jewels of Souls tab.
Talisman of Luck 60 Jewels Armory Items are 3% more likely to spawn with additional Options.
Talisman of Excellence 60 Jewels Get a 4% chance of getting an Excellent Armory Item from any Armory Chest.
Hades Helm Cost: 180 Slayer Chips or 50 Jewels of Soul Increase the minimum level of Armory Items you get by +1.
Dismantler 5.00e9
5 B SP
Breaking Armory Items that are +7 or above will give you back some of the invested Divinity Points.
Crate 5.00e57 / 5 Od
150 Wood
Increase your Armory slots by +8.
Steel Crate 1.00e11
100 B SP
Increase your Armory slots by +8.
Chest In a Chest 5.00e13
40 T SP
Get a very small chance of getting an Armory Chest from the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Note: Craftable Item Requirement: Armory
Victor Alpha 450 DP Bonus Stage Portals have a 50% chance of leading to Victor Alpha. You need free space in the Armory for this to happen.
Specter Knight Alpha 1,000 DP Bonus Stage Portals have a 50% chance of leading to Specter Knight Alpha. You need free space in the Armory for this to happen.

Related Achievements[]

Name Requirement
My Combat Arsenal Unlock the Armory.
Treasure Hunt Find your first item for the Armory.
Mephisto Run Find 10 items for your Armory.
Blood Castle Memories Find 25 items for your Armory.
Devil Square Memories Find 50 items for your Armory.
So Long Partner Break your first item from the Armory.
Hope You Don't Regret Break 10 items from your Armory.
Breaker Break 25 items from your Armory.
Item +5 Get a +5 item in your Armory.
Item +7 Get a +7 item in your Armory.
Item +10 Get a +10 item in your Armory.
Item +12 Get a +12 item in your Armory.
Item +13 Get a +13 item in your Armory.
Excellent Get your first Excellent item for the Armory.
Kundun's Legacy Equip 1 Excellent Armory Items.
Excellence Unleashed Equip 2 Excellent Armory Items.
Excellentus Maximus Equip 3 Excellent Armory Items.
Solid Metal Gear Equip 4 Excellent Armory Items.
The Key of Life Equip 2 Key Armory Items.
Unique Equip 3 Key Armory Items.