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This page attempts to categorize all the Ascension Upgrades as a general guide to what is worth buying when.

I assume a mix of active and idle play here. If you never turn off your game or only seldomly open it to check in you may want to skip some of my recommendations. Read descriptions before you buy something to avoid wasting SP. You cannot really screw up your purchasing order though and everything is useful in its own way. Experiment!

Last updated: v2.8.1


Tier 0

Don't ascend until you can afford all 3 of them. You should probably wait until ~50 SP though.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Black)

Name Cost
Permanent Slayer 4 SP
Soul Gatherer Bundle 6 SP
Permanent Quests 5 SP

Tier 1

These upgrades are all very cheap, enjoy that early game.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: White)

Name Cost
Soul Reaper 10 SP
True Idle Slayer 5 SP
Boost Kill 10 SP
Mining Jewels 10 SP
Souls Bonus 5 SP
Reinvest 15 SP
Sword Edge 25 SP
Ancient Slayer 35 SP
Idle Earrings I 20 SP
Random Box Magnet 15 SP
Special Random Box Magnet 25 SP
Portals 25 SP

Tier 2

This stuff is still pretty inexpensive and really helps you out.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Red)

Name Cost
Red Ore 30 SP
Boost Coin 25 SP
Cheap Cooldown 25 SP
Slowmo Bonus 40 SP
Augmented Soul Gatherer 50 SP
Blue Ore 20 SP
Green Ore 35 SP
Yellow Ore 50 SP
Soul Gem 25 SP

Tier 3

Did you notice that really expensive belt? It is time. Make a beeline for Minions to start collecting free SP as soon as possible.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Yellow)

Name Cost
Legendary Belt 800 SP
Soul Slash 450 SP
Axe Edge 600 SP
Minions 1,200 SP

Tier 4

You've just bought your first upgrade costing over 1,000 SP. Look back at all the cheap stuff you ignored so far above Legendary Belt. You should get some of that.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Lime)

Name Cost
Money Laundering 25 SP
Idle Earrings II 25 SP
Purple Ore 40 SP
Cheap Darkness 30 SP
Dagger Edge 75 SP
Stocks Buyer 50 SP
Every Day Counts 50 SP
Bullet Time 250 SP
Idle Earrings III 100 SP
Portal Traveler 200 SP
Idle Earrings IV 250 SP
Idle Earrings of Death 250 SP

Tier 5

Stop! Hammer Bow Time!

Depending on how active you are you may or may not want to skip the bow bundle for now. It is really good for active players, but you do need to constantly fire it yourself. There is no autofire.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Dark Blue)

Bow bundle:

Name Cost
Sacred Book of Projectiles 1,000 SP
Bring Hell 600 SP
Stability 4,000 SP
Mystic Valley 1,200 SP
Enchanted Arrows 600 SP
Triple Shot 3,000 SP

Tier 6

Your White Knight looks a bit lonely, go get him a friend!

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Light Blue)

Name Cost
Dark Wand 2,000 SP
Dark Wizard 2,500 SP
Doesn't Matter to Me 150 SP
Map 150 SP
Ethereal Wand 500 SP
Dual Randomness 300 SP
Coins In The Box 350 SP
Royalties 400 SP
Lunar Idle Earrings 950 SP
Solar Idle Earrings 1,000 SP
Book of Efficiency I 500 SP

Tier 7

By now you have enough total SP to make Soul Reaper II worth getting.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Dark Yellow)

Name Cost
Silver Money Amulet 1,600 SP
Gold Money Amulet 2,000 SP
Soul Reaper II 1,000 SP
Soul Amulet 3,000 SP

Tier 8

There are more Minions we need to get!

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Dark Green)

Name Cost
Rock And Stone 15,000 SP
Embrace The Fear 6,500 SP
Skeleton 8,000 SP
Book of Efficiency II 5,000 SP
Sword Edge II 1,850 SP
Doomed 2,500 SP
Saved 2,500 SP

Tier 9

Jumps in Cost are so large now you mostly end up buying things in order from least to most expensive anyways - this tier is just here for completions sake. A major exception is the Factory, since that dimension is amazing for soul gathering purposes.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Dark Cyan)

Name Cost
Wall Breaker 3,500 SP
Permanent Supply Boxes 4,000 SP
King of The Sea 6,500 SP
Terra Idle Earrings 7,500 SP
ASHPD 5,000 SP
Safety First 8,000 SP
Chest Hunt Saver 5,000 SP
Roll The Dice 16,500 SP
Tornado of Souls 20,000 SP
Premium Time 25,000 SP
Knight Services 7,500 SP
High Alchemy 12,000 SP
Gemstone Rush 10,000 SP
Bag 10,000 SP
Blue Sparkle 6,000 SP
Factory 140,000 SP
Human After All 60,000 SP
Oblivion Idle Earrings 23,000 SP
Augmented Boost Kill 100,000 SP
Soul Silver 35,000 SP
Super Chest Souls 35,000 SP
Book of Efficiency III 50,000 SP
Idle Earrings of Unity 45,000 SP
Boost Blood 50,000 SP
Mega Horde 175,000 SP
Blessing of Kratos 95,000 SP
Divinities 200,000 SP
Critical Culling 150,000 SP
Muscle Memory 35,000 SP
Bonus Rewards+ 1,250,000 SP
Critical Training 350,000 SP
Critical Study 350,000 SP
Critical Practice 350,000 SP

Tier 10

A new world is opening up! It is Ultra Ascension Time! The optimal time to UA the first time is at around 5 Ultra Slayer Points. Buying up Tiers 0-9 before Ultra Ascension will have you end up just about 23,020 total SP short of your 5th USP. All Upgrades beyond that will come slowly over following runs. I didn't rank the post-UA Upgrades. They are all good and cheap and you should prioritize them when they're in reach.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Dark Blue)

Name Cost
Ultra Ascension 1,000,000 SP
Book of Efficiency IV 500,000 SP
Mega Chest Souls 1,500,000 SP
The Chosen One 650,000 SP
Perfect Prestige 2,500,000 SP
Book of Efficiency V 5,000,000 SP
Gala's Bone 600,000 SP
Advanced Cooking 2,000,000 SP
Ramen 3,500,000 SP
Stew 4,000,000 SP
Careful Slayer 12,500,000 SP
Portal Dominum 5,000,000 SP
Master Chest Souls 150,000,000 SP
Gold Hammer 180,000,000 SP
Astral Slayer 1,000,000,000 SP

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