Idle Slayer Wiki

All but one of the belts are purchased with coins and have effects that rely on your amount of Achievements.

CpS Bonus Belts

All of these belts (except the first) require buying the previous one. The only exception to this is the Legendary Belt, which can be purchased in your Ascension Tree and is not directly connected to any other belts.

Effect: Increase your bonus CpS by +x% per Achievement unlocked.

Image Name Cost CpS Bonus per Achievement
Legendary Belt.png Legendary Belt 800 SP +5%
Belt of Knowledge.png Belt of Knowledge 2,500 +1%
Belt of The Sage.png Belt of The Sage 2.50e6
2.5 M
Athenas Belt.png Athena's Belt 2.50e15
2.5 Qa
Belt of Wisdom.png Belt of Wisdom 2.50e23
250 Sx
Belt of Intelligence.png Belt of Intelligence 2.50e28
25 Oc
Belt of Progress.png Belt of Progress 2.50e33
2.5 De
Belt of The Scholar.png Belt of The Scholar 2.50e37
25 Ud
Belt of The Guru.png Belt of The Guru 2.50e40
25 Dd
Belt of Shaman.png Belt of Shaman 2.50e43
25 Td
Belt of Perception.png Belt of Perception 2.50e47
250 Qt
Belt of Understanding.png Belt of Understanding 2.50e50
250 Qd
Belt of Intuition.png Belt of Intuition 2.50e53
250 Sd
Belt of Instinct.png Belt of Instinct 2.50e56
250 St
Belt of Sight.png Belt of Sight 2.50e59
250 Od

Souls Bonus Belts

These belts do not require buying other belts first.

Effect: Increase your bonus Souls by +x% per Achievement unlocked.

Image Name Cost Souls Bonus per Achievement Unlock Condition
Belt of Agnis.png Belt of Agnis 2.50e13
25 T
+0.5% Complete Box Hunt
Belt of Evolution.png Belt of Evolution 2.50e25
25 Sp
+0.35% Complete Random Hunter