Bonus Stages are accessed through Special Random Boxes, that will spawn a Portal leading you into the Dimension. You're tasked with collecting Orbs and will be rewarded with Coins and Soul Goblins after each segment.

There's a Special Bonus Stage, which can only appear once you've completed the normal Bonus Stage once. It will stop appearing as soon as you complete it once to unlock the Character Minata. The chance to find this special Portal in a Special Random Box is 7%.

  • You get 30 seconds per segment.
  • If you fall into a pit you get a 2 second time penalty.
  • There's a 2 second lockout between penalties, so that if the game drops you right above the next pit after falling you don't get double punished.
  • Event timers will be paused during the , but they are still active. Although, timers from Craftable Temporary Items (e.g. Whetstone) will be inactive.
  • If you don't manage to collect the required orbs within the time limit, the "Second Wind" feature will come up and let you re-do the section you lost on. Clicking this "Second Wind" button will bring up an ad to watch and will let you re-do the section right after. Note that this will happen only once, so if you fail again you will not be able to re-do it.

Bonus Stage 1 Rewards[edit | edit source]

Segment 1 2 3 4 Total
Orb Goal 15 30 35 60 140
Coin Amount 114 172 228 286 800
Soul Goblins


- 18 36 48 102

Bonus Stage 2 Rewards[edit | edit source]

Segment 1 2 3 4 Total
Orb Goal 50 45 150 200 445
Coin Amount 170 228 284 342 1024
Soul Goblins


13 50 50 63 176

Here's a video showing off a complete run of the first bonus stage.

Here’s a video showing off a complete run of the second bonus stage.

Related Purchases[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Description
Bonus Gems 1.40e28

14 Oc

Increase the chance of finding gems in the Bonus Stage by 25%.
Safety First 8,000 SP Some pitfalls in the Bonus Stage will be covered to prevent you from falling.
Blue Spheres Bag 300 Goblin Cloth

2.50e33 / 2.5 De

Lower the goal for every segment of the Bonus Stage by 2 Orbs.
Bonus Stage 2 165 DP Unlock a new Bonus Stage with better rewards.
Death Trinket 225 DP Increase Bonus Stage rewards by 25%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

PlatformBonus Start.jpg PlatformBonus Start.jpg PlatformBonus Start.jpg

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