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The Slayer's Boost ability allows him to run at a 3.5x speed for 10 seconds, during which the speed slows back to normal over the duration. The base cooldown for boosting is 30 seconds.

With both max speed increase upgrades, Boost causes the Slayer to run at 4.25x speed. This also extends the duration of the Boost to 13 seconds.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Boost 75 Coins Go fast for a small period of time.
Mega Boost 5.00e18
5 Qi Coins
Boost cooldown is twice as fast. (15 seconds)
Energy Potion 5.00e18
5 Qi Coins
Increase the Boost max speed by 10%.
Hyper Boost 5.00e30
5 No Coins
Increase the Boost max speed by 20%.
Boost Kill 10 SP You gain double Souls for every kill while using the Boost.
Boost Coin 25 SP You gain double Coins while using the Boost.
Cheap Cooldown 25 SP Every Coin you pick up will decrease your Boost cooldown by 2%.
Stability 4,000 SP Unlocks the ability to fire arrows while using the Boost.
Augmented Boost Kill 100,000 SP Makes the Boost Kill Ascension upgrade 100% more efficient.
Extreme Boost 250 DP Boost cooldown is reduced by 75%.


Name Requirement
Blue Streak Use the Boost 10 times.
Speeds By Use the Boost 50 times.
Sonic The Hedgehog Use the Boost 100 times.
Gotta Go Fast Use the Boost 250 times.
Idle Slayer & KNUCKLES Use the Boost 500 times.
Super Sonic Use the Boost 1,000 times.
Faster Than 88 MPH Use the Boost 2,500 times.
Light Speed Use the Boost 5,000 times.
Superluminal Use the Boost 10,000 times.
It Does Nothing Try to go faster while using the Rage Mode.