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Boss fights are first accessed by confronting Victor. This is achieved by purchasing the Mill's Key (750 Coins) and trying to look through the window in the Mill. After this, you need to speak to Emily in the Tavern who will make the upgrade, Binoculars (1.50e51 / 1.5 Sd Coins), available to purchase. The Binoculars will allow you to look through the window in the Mill, after this you need to head to Victor's house and complete the puzzle in the basement. Successfully doing this will allow you to fight Victor in a Boss Fight. You have unlimited attempts to beat Victor, however once he has been defeated, he cannot be challenged again.

Boss fights are subsequently accessed through Special Dark Divinities (1.00e13 / 10 T SP). Activating the Bosses' Dark Divinities., Victor Alpha, will give each Special Random Box a 50% chance to take you to Victor Alpha instead of the Bonus Stage. Unlike Victor, losing against Victor Alpha will send you back to your previous dimension without an opportunity for a repeat until your next portal to Victor Alpha.

For the best chance at success in a Boss Fight with Victor, it's important to stay as close to him as possible by timing your boost accordingly, being further away will increase the chance that you're mid jump while dodging an attack, allowing him to teleport higher up and leave you in a spot where you cannot dodge the next attack. To reduce the chance of that occurring further, keep your jumps small enough to ensure that you won't be in the air during his teleport.

Image Name HP Animation Speed Multiplier Attack Speed Multiplier Time for Star How To Obtain
Victor 500 x1.4 x1.0 80 Confront Victor
Victor Alpha 600 x1.6 x1.8 90 Enable the Bosses Dark Divinities Victor Alpha


Defeating Victor will unlock the permanent upgrade, Victor's Soul (5.00e51 / 5 Sd Coins) which will unlock the following Ascension Upgrades:

Image Name Astral Cost Description
Advanced Divinities Advanced Divinities Yes 1,00e15
1 Qa SP
Unlock a new set of Divinities and Dark Divinities.
Armory Talismans Armory Talismans Yes 7.50e8
750 M SP
Unlock the Armory Talismans in the Jewels of Souls tab.
Boosted Swing Boosted Swing No 4.00e13
40 T SP
After using the Boost, you get 1.2 seconds of 150% damage with your Sword against Small Enemies and Giants.
Edge Master Edge Master Yes 5.00e17
500 Qa SP
Permanently unlock the Claw and the Spear.
Funky Space (1) Funky Space No 1,000,000 SP Unlock the Funky Space Dimension. Use the Portal to get there!
Sacred Tome of Death Pact Sacred Tome of Death Pact Yes 1.00e13
10 T SP
Unlock the Special Dark Divinities. You can only have one Special Dark Divinity activated at a time.
Sneaky Stealer Sneaky Stealer No 5.00e10
50 B SP
Unlock the Ninja Minion.
Soul of The Fallen Soul of The Fallen No 1.00e10
10 B SP
Gain 20% Souls bonus.
Steel Crate Steel Crate Yes 1.00e11
100 B SP
Increase your Armory slots by +8.
Total Sale Total Sale Yes 2.00e14
200 T SP
Decrease the price of every Upgrade by 6%.

Victor Alpha[]

Defeating Victor Alpha will reward the player with an Armory Chest containing Victor's Ring, defeating Victor Alpha within the time for star will guarantee Victor's Ring to have the excellent trait.

Related Purchases[]

Image Name Cost Description
Sacred Tome of Death Pact Sacred Tome of Death Pact 1.00e13
10 T SP
Unlock the Bosses' Dark Divinities. You can only have one Boss Dark Divinity activated at a time.
Victor Alpha Victor Alpha 450 DP Bonus Stage Portals have a 50% chance of leading to Victor Alpha. You need free space in the Armory for this to happen.