There are currently a total of seven characters in the game. All of them are purely cosmetic; they only change your appearance.

Character Name Unlock Condition
Roy unlocked by default
Anna unlocked by default
Skar random reward from Chest Hunt chests
Minita finish the special bonus stage (info: Bonus Stage)
Runhardt finish Bonus Stage 2
Benvolio craftable
Agnis finish 100 Bonus Stages (completions of Bonus Stage 1 & 2 both count.)

Related Purchases[edit | edit source]

Name Description Purchase Type Related To
Chest Hunt Key A floating key will randomly appear which will trigger the Chest Hunt Minigame. Coin Upgrade Skar
Special Random Box Unlock a 5% chance for a Random Box to spawn as a Special Random Box instead. This will open a Portal to the Bonus Stage. Coin Upgrade Minita, Agnis
Bonus Stage 2 Unlock a new Bonus Stage with better rewards. Divinity Runhardt
Witch Hunter’s Gun Unlock the character Benvolio as a new playable character. Craftable Benvolio

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Description
United Select 3 different Characters.
A Team Select 5 different Characters.
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