You can collect Materials to craft with once you purchase the Bag for 10,000 SP. Purchasing it unlocks a 10% chance for an enemy to drop its Material. You do not gather Materials while offline, unless you have bought The Executioner.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Material Name Drops From Base Cap Max Cap Total Needed
Bat Wings Bat 500 842.4 1325
Claw Scorpion 250 421.2 425
Fairy Cloth Fairy Queen 50 84.24 135
Goblin Cloth Soul Goblin 350 589.68 930
Root Carniplant 500 842.4 555
Slime Jelly 500 842.4 870
Titanium Hills Golem 70 117.936 65
Wood Cursed Tree 350 589.68 1125
Yeti Fang Adult Yeti 50 84.24 60

"Total Needed" refers to the amounts required to buy all current permanent Items.

Drop Chance Increases[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Increase
Careful Slayer 12,500,000 SP 3%
Lucky Charm 250 Roots
1.00e33 / 1 De Coins
Monster Pieces 90 DP 3%
Whetstone 3 Titanium
5.00e5 / 500 K Coins
45% (Temporary)

Permanent Items[edit | edit source]

Once you have the required Materials and Coins, you can craft the following Permanent Items:

Name Materials Bonus Coin Cost
Crystal Saver 5 Titanium
25 Root
If the first Chest you open on a Chest Hunt is a Mimic, it will be instantly repelled. 7.00e16 / 70 T
Additional Sack 100 Bat Wings
5 Root
Increase the maximum amount of each material you can carry by 8%. 2.50e20 / 250 Qa
Anima Potion 150 Slime Gain 10% Souls bonus. 1.00e30 / 1 No
Fort Sword 20 Titanium
100 Wood
Increase sword damage against Giants by 50%. 1.00e30 / 1 No
Big Materials Bag 25 Root
200 Bat Wings
75 Goblin Cloth
Increase the maximum amount of each material you can carry by 30%. 1.00e32 / 100 No
Earth Gloves 200 Root
10 Titanium
100 Wood
Unlocks Upgrade: Your Gloves now give you 100% more Coins. 2.50e32 / 250 No
Temporary Hammer 100 Wood
20 Titanium
Unlock the Temporary Craftable Items tab. 7.00e32 / 700 No
Lucky Charm 250 Root Increase the drop chance of Materials by 2%. 1.00e33 / 1 De
Bonus Spheres Bag 300 Goblin Cloth Lower the goal for every segment of the Bonus Stage by 2 Bonus Spheres. 2.50e33 / 2.5 De
Fairy Mirror 100 Bat Wings
5 Yeti Fang
Unlocks Upgrade: Unlocks the Fairy Queen Giant in its home Dimension. 1.00e35 / 100 De
The Executioner 175 Claw Get a +4% chance of obtaining Materials of the current Dimension from offline kills. 3.00e36 / 3 Ud
Enchanted Wood 300 Wood
10 Fairy Cloth
Unlocks Upgrade: Evolve Cursed Trees into Cursed Oak Trees. 5.00e37 / 50 Ud
Witch Hunter’s Gun 500 Wood
300 Bat Wings
40 Yeti Fangs
25 Fairy Cloth
Unlock the character Benvolio as a new playable character. 1.00e38 / 100 Ud
Magic Bag 20 Slime
25 Goblin Cloth
50 Bat Wings
15 Fairy Cloth
Keep the Bag unlocked after Ultra Ascending. 4.99e38 / 499 Ud
Bonus Belt 20 Fairy Cloth
10 Yeti Fang
350 Goblin Cloth
Get an additional +2% per level with the Equipment CpS Bonus Random Event. 1.00e39 / 1 Dd
Book of Agony 10 Titanium
175 Bat Wings
5 Yeti Fang
Get a 60% Souls bonus from Giants. 2.00e40 / 20 Dd
Huge Materials Bag 50 Root
400 Bat Wings
150 Goblin Cloth
Increase the maximum amount of each material you can carry by 20%. 1.00e42 / 1 Td
Staff of Matter 200 Slime
25 Wood
15 Fairy Cloth
Halve the time of the Portal cooldown. 7.50e42 / 7.5 Td
Book of Death Pact 50 Claw
500 Slime
25 Fairy Cloth
30 Goblin Cloth
Unlock Dark Divinities.
Dark Divinities can be toggled on and off at any time.
1.00e45 / 1 Qt
Ethereal Cape 25 Fairy Cloth
200 Claw
Unlocks Upgrade: Your Cape now gives you 100% more Coins. 5.00e47 / 500 Qt

Temporary Items[edit | edit source]

This tab unlocks by purchasing the Temporary Hammer, as seen above.

Name Materials Bonus Cost Base Duration
Whetstone 3 Titanium Increase the drop chance of Materials by 45%. 5.00e5 / 500K Coins 2m30s
Alternate Dimention Staff 50 Wood

25 Bat Wings

2 Fairy Cloth

Quests where you have to kill enemies will complete 10 times faster. (In-game only) 1.00e8 / 100M Coins 2m

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommended to pursue Lucky Charm first, as this speeds up the farming of all the other Materials by 20% (relative to base 10%).
    • Recommended to farm in Frozen Fields or Modern City, as other enemies there drop materials as well.
  • Buy the Bonus Spheres Bag before saving up for the Bonus Belt, as it makes all future Bonus Stages slightly easier.
  • Once you have all the Bat Wings and Yeti Fangs you need (depending where Slime was farmed), try hopping to the Mystic Valley to finish off the Fairy Mirror as well. This will allow you to proceed to Enchanted Wood and Bonus Belt sooner.
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