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Daily Quests (DQ) are unlocked by crafting the Diary for 5.00e25 / 50 Sp Coins as well as the following Materials: 50 Bat Wings, 15 Goblin Cloth, and 20 Root. Daily Quests are found in the Quest tab of the game.

You get 3 Daily Quests per day and can reroll a single one each day by watching an ad. New DQ always appear at midnight local time. These replace the previous batch.

Each completed Daily Quest rewards the player with a single Dragon Egg, a Material.

Daily Quest Types

There are many Daily Quest types, and each type can have a variable number required to complete the Daily Quest.

  • Daily Bonus Stage Quest - Complete {X} Bonus Stage sections.
  • Daily Boost Quest - Use the Boost {X} times.
  • Daily Chest Hunt Quest - Open {X} Chests on Chest Hunts.
  • Daily Crafter Quest - Craft {X} Temporary Items.
  • Daily Giant Quest - Kill {X} amount of a given Giant.
  • Daily Pick Up Quest - Pick up {X} Coins/Rubies.
  • Daily Random Box Quest - Hit {X} (Silver) Random Boxes.
  • Daily Slay Quest - Kill {X} amount of a given Enemy.


Dragon Eggs can be cracked open for the following rewards (This is a Craftable Temporary Item.):

  • A Jewel of Soul!
  • +{X} Jewels of Soul!
  • +{X} Divinity Points!
  • +{X} Coins!
  • +{X} Slayer Points!
  • +{X} Souls!

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Diary 5.00e25 / 50 Sp
50 Bat Wings
15 Goblin Cloth
20 Root
Unlock Daily Quests.
Big Diary 3.50e45 / 3.5 Qt
25 Yeti Fang
50 Goblin Cloth
8 Dragon Egg
Get +1 Daily Quests per day.

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
Daily Quests Unlock the Daily Quests.
I'm Done for Today Complete 3 Daily Quests.
Daily Effort Complete 15 Daily Quests.
Never Miss A Day Complete 50 Daily Quests.
Current Job Complete 100 Daily Quests.
Daily Quest Master Complete 200 Daily Quests.