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This is a just a list of all Divinities, for recommendations on what to purchase in which order you can have a look at our Divinity Tier List.

Divinity is unlocked by purchasing the Divinities Ascension upgrade. You can reset your Minions back to level 1 to earn Divinity Points (DP) to buy Divinities. Divinity Points may also be earned by cracking Dragon Eggs, which are a Crafting Material gained through Daily Quests.

When you first unlock Divinities, you need to prestige all your Minions at once. You can unlock the The Chosen One Ascension upgrade to prestige individual Minions while only receiving 80% of their DP, and later the Perfect Prestige Ascension upgrade to receive 100% of an individual Minion's DP.

The Reset Divinities button can be modified using the Dark Divinity Dark Reset (listed below) - a more detailed explanation can be found on the Stones of Time page.


Name Cost Description
Crystal Dagger 25 DP Increase sword damage against Giants by 50%.
Big Troubles 45 DP Increase Giants spawn rate by 15%.
Golden Apple 75 DP Gain 15% bonus CpS.
Monster Pieces 90 DP Increase the drop chance of Materials by 3%.
Specialist 100 DP Increase the Special Random Box chance by 3%.
Spirit Control 100 DP Increase the chance of getting the Spirit Boost mod during a Bonus Stage by +25%.
Death Aura 110 DP Increase the impact area of your arrows.
Special Promise 120 DP The first Random Box will be a Special Random Box if the game has been closed for more than 12 hours.
Master Emerald Fragments 135 DP Get 2% chance of spawning an Emerald instead of a Coin.
An Emerald has a value of 40 Coins.
Chest Multiplier Bonus 140 DP Add an additional +2x to all the multipliers found in Chest Hunt.
Stellar Idle Earrings 150 DP Increase CpS while the game is closed by 40%.
Ultra Instinct 150 DP Increase the amount of Souls received for slaying an enemy ingame by 60%.
Minion Elixir 190 DP Increase the amount of Slayer Points given by your Minions by 250%.
Wind Waker 200 DP Increase the amount of Souls received for killing with the Bow by 100%.
Death Trinket 225 DP Increase Bonus Stage rewards by 25%.
Extreme Boost 250 DP Boost cooldown is reduced by 75%.
Soul Enhancer 260 DP Gain 15% Souls bonus.
Work Benefits 275 DP Minions complete Missions 15% faster.
Hyper Critical 300 DP Increase the Souls received for doing criticals by 50%.
Idle Assassin 310 DP You slay 25% more enemies while the game is closed.
Crystal Amulet 325 DP Each Coin you pick up gives you +25% of your current CpS.
Crystal Ball 340 DP Increase Soul gain while the game is closed by 50%.
Improved Work Conditions 350 DP Minions complete Missions 20% faster.
Lockpicking 100 350 DP All Chest Hunt animations are twice as fast.
Divine Chest Souls 375 DP Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 100%.
Less Coins More Fun 380 DP Decrease the chance of getting the normal Coins Random Event from the Random Box by 10%.
Ultra Prestige 450 DP Gain double Divinity Points from letting Ultra Ascension prestige your Minions automatically.
This also allows Ultra Ascending without new Ultra Slayer Points.

Dark Divinities

Dark Divinities are unlocked by crafting the Book of Death Pact. They can be toggled at any time if you have the required Divinity Points ready. Toggling a Dark Divinity off will refund the full price.

Name Cost Description
Chest Extinction 25 DP Chest Hunt Key will not spawn.
Gemstone Extinction 60 DP Gemstones will not spawn.
Hard Mode 100 DP You'll have 4 seconds less to complete the Bonus Stage but the rewards will be increased.
Hard Mode will increase Bonus Stage rewards by around 40%.
Buckshot 120 DP Slightly reduce the spread of your arrows.
Dark Projectiles 140 DP The Bow attack speed will be highly reduced but you'll gain +125% Souls Bonus for slaying enemies with it.
Golden Accuracy 200 DP Magnet will be disabled, but each Coin you pick up gives you +60% of your current CpS.
Regret 200 DP Downgrade the Bonus Stage to the previous version.
Shadow Sword 225 DP Nullify all kinds of bonus damage against Giants and disable the ability to instantly kill them.
Silver Death 280 DP Saws will appear in the Bonus Stage which will remove 3 seconds from the timer if you touch them, but every Random Box that spawns there will be a Silver Random Box.
Dark Reset 400 DP Resetting your Divinities will cost 100 Divinity Points but you'll get back the Ultra Slayer Points you used on your Stones of Time.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Divinities 200,000 SP Unlock the Divinities tab. Here you can reset your Minions back to level 1 to earn Divinity Points and buy Divinities with them.
The Chosen One 650,000 SP Allows you to prestige Minions individually, but it only grants 80% Divinity Points if you do it that way.
Perfect Prestige 2,500,000 SP You'll get 100% Divinity Points for prestiging a Minion individually.
Book of Death Pact 50 Pincer and
500 Slime and
25 Fairy Cloth and
30 Goblin Cloth and
2.00e44 / 200 Td Coins
Unlock Dark Divinities.
Dark Divinities can be toggled on and off at any time.

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
Divinities Unlock Divinities.
Angel Have 5 Divinities active.
Archangel Have 10 Divinities active.
Cherub Have 15 Divinities active.
Seraph Have 20 Divinities active.
Demigod Have 25 Divinities active.
Imp Have 3 Dark Divinities active.
Fiend Have 6 Dark Divinities active.
Demon Have 9 Dark Divinities active.