Looking for help with Ascension Upgrades? Check out our Ascension Tree Tier List.

This page attempts to categorize all Divinities as a general guide to what is worth buying when.

As always, read descriptions before you buy something to avoid wasting Divinity Points (DP). Once you purchase anything, you'll need to spend 20 DP to reset if you change your mind.

Divinity Tier List 2.8.1


Tier 1

These help immensely, especially post-UA.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Black)
Name Cost
Wind Waker 200
Ultra Instinct 150
Master Emerald Fragments 135

Tier 2

These help you get Divinities faster; the only reason they aren't Tier 0 is because of their price tag.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: White)
Name Cost
Work Benefits 275
Improved Work Conditions 350

Tier 3

Let's boost that soul gain, shall we?

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Red)
Name Cost
Soul Enhancer 260
Hyper Critical 300
Extreme Boost 250
Less Coins More Fun 380

Tier 4

Time to improve the Bonus Stage!

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Yellow)
Name Cost
Bonus Stage 2 165
Specialist 100
Death Trinket 225

Tier 5

These are at least somewhat helpful.

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Green)
Name Cost
Golden Apple 75
Death Aura 110
Idle Assassin 310
Divine Chest Souls 375
Big Troubles 45
Stellar Idle Earrings 150
Crystal Amulet 325


They exist I guess?

(Corresponding Color in Visualization: Blue)
Name Cost
Crystal Dagger 25
Monster Pieces 90
Minion Elixir 190

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