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Looking for help with Ascension Upgrades? Check out our Ascension Tree Tier List.

This page attempts to categorize all Divinities as a general guide to what is worth buying when.

You can reset your Minions back to level 1 to earn Divinity Points (DP) to buy Divinities. Divinity Points may also be earned by cracking Dragon Eggs, which are a Crafting Material gained through Daily Quests.

As always, read descriptions before you buy something to avoid wasting Divinity Points (DP). Once you purchase anything, you'll need to spend 20 DP to reset if you change your mind.

Tier 1

These help immensely, especially post-UA.

Note: The upgrades listed below are listed in suggested purchase order; from top to bottom.

Image Name Cost Description
Wind Waker.png Wind Waker 200 Increase the amount of Souls received for killing with the Bow by 100%.
Ultra Instinct.png Ultra Instinct 150 Increase the amount of Souls received for slaying an enemy in-game by 60%.
Master Emerald Fragments.png Master Emerald Fragments 135 Get 2% chance of spawning an Emerald instead of a Coin.
Big Troubles.png Big Troubles 45 Increase Giants spawn rate by 15%.

Tier 2

These help you get Divinities faster; the only reason they aren't Tier 0 is because of their price tag. Note that these upgrades are most valuable if you're able to check the game often enough to make use of the reduced mission time.

Note: The upgrades listed below are listed in suggested purchase order; from top to bottom.

Image Name Cost Description
Work Benefits.png Work Benefits 275 Minions complete Missions 15% faster.
Improved Work Conditions.png Improved Work Conditions 350 Minions complete Missions 20% faster.

Tier 3

Let's boost that soul gain, shall we?

Note: The upgrades listed below are listed in suggested purchase order; from top to bottom.

Image Name Cost Description
Soul Enhancer.png Soul Enhancer 260 Gain 15% Souls bonus.
Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical 300 Increase the Souls received for doing Criticals by 50%.
Extreme Boost.png Extreme Boost 250 Boost cooldown is reduced by 75%.
Death Aura.png Death Aura 110 Increase the impact area of your arrows.

Tier 4

Time to improve the Bonus Stage!

Note: The upgrades listed below are listed in suggested purchase order; from top to bottom.

Image Name Cost Description
Bonus Rewards.png Specialist 100 Increase the Special Random Box chance by 3%.
Death Trinket.png Death Trinket 225 Increase Bonus Stage rewards by 20%.
Spirit Control.png Spirit Control 100 Increase the chance of getting the Spirit Boost mod during a Bonus Stage by +25%.

Tier 5

These are at least somewhat helpful. You may want to get some of these upgrades earlier depending on your needs, Monster Pieces is great for additional materials, Special promise is great if you have the Silver Death Dark Divinity, and tend to have the game closed for more than 8 hours at a time.

Note: The upgrades listed below are listed in suggested purchase order; from top to bottom.

Image Name Cost Description
Monster Pieces.png Monster Pieces 90 Increase the drop chance of Materials by 3%.
Golden Apple.png Golden Apple 75 Gain 15% bonus CpS.
Idle Assassin.png Idle Assassin 310 You slay 25% more enemies while the game is closed.
Chest Multiplier Bonus.png Chest Multiplier Bonus 140 Add an additional +2x to all the multipliers found in Chest Hunt.
Crystal Amulet.png Crystal Amulet 325 Each Coin you pick up gives you +25% of your current CpS.
Divine Chest Souls.png Divine Chest Souls 375 Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 100%.
Special Promise.png Special Promise 120 The first Random Box will be a Special Random Box if the game has been closed for more than 8 hours.

Require extra consideration

These are upgrades which are each helpful under certain conditions and can be gotten sooner than other tiers if such conditions are met.

Image Name Cost Description
Bullet Time.png Less Coins More Fun 380 Decrease the chance of getting the normal Coins Random Event from the Random Box by 10%.
Lockpicking 100.png Lockpicking 100 225 All Chest Hunt animations are twice as fast.
Minion Elixir.png Minion Elixir 190 Increase the amount of Slayer Points given by your Minions by 250%.
Ultra Prestige.png Ultra Prestige 450 Gain double Divinity Points from letting Ultra Ascension prestige your Minions automatically.

This also allows Ultra Ascending without new Ultra Slayer Points.


These are upgrades that are not really useful at all.

Image Name Cost Description
Crystal Dagger.png Crystal Dagger 25 Increase sword damage against Giants by 50%.
Stellar Idle Earrings.png Stellar Idle Earrings 150 Increase CpS while the game is closed by 40%.
Crystal Ball.png Crystal Ball 340 Increase Soul gain while the game is closed by 50%.

Dark Divinities

Dark Divinites are unique and mostly have a trade-off making them unfit for the tier-list-style ranking. Instead we'll just provide you with a brief explanation for each of them. As you can toggle these on and off at will, do experiment as much as you want.

Name Price Explanation
Chest Extinction 25 DP This DD is only useful if you use an autoclicker, allowing you to autoclick for hours without the minigame interrupting you. If you don't autoclick it is awful and only hinders your progression.
Gemstone Extinction 60 DP This DD is useful for Quests (and Daily Quests) that require coin collection. Acquiring Gem Seller removes any need for Gemstone Extinction.
Hard Mode 100 DP Hard Mode is very good - if you can actually complete the Bonus Stage that quickly. If you aren't proficient at Bonus Stages yet this is not worth buying and will only make you lose out on rewards.
Buckshot 120 DP This DD is kind of useless on its own. It has neither an up nor a downside and only adjusts the angle of your arrows slightly. However, when combined with Dark Projectiles this new angle greatly helps with mitigating the issue the strongly reduced draw speed creates. View these two as a bundle.
Dark Projectiles 140 DP See Buckshot. This is also kind of awful on its own, making you lose too much draw speed to consistently hit enemies. Buckshot mitigates this. You can further increase useability with the Divinity Death Aura. This is the best DD (after Shadow Sword) when combined with Buckshot (and Death Aura to a lesser extent).
Golden Accuracy 200 DP Golden Accuracy completely disables the magnet. It is quite a chore to collect enough coins without a Magnet to produce a net gain from this DD. It is best used right after Ultra Ascensions when you don't have the Magnet yet anyways.
Regret 200 DP Regret is not worth using. If you find BS3 to be too hard then you're better off disabling Hard Mode. Bonus Stage 3 has a hidden 4% bonus chance on Armory drops, while BS2 only gives +2% (with +0% for BS1). Since the Armory drop chance is only 10% even with the Ascendant Badge crafted, this 2% bonus makes a significant enough difference that activating Regret should be avoided if possible.
Shadow Sword 225 DP Shadow Sword is amazing and the best Dark Divinity. You'll only ever want to disable this while you're farming Materials from Giants. If you're confused on its use, click here.
Silver Death 280 DP Silver Death turns Bonus Stage boxes into Silver boxes, without them being taken out of what you have stockpiled already. The added saws aren't too hard to dodge, so this is another one to get if you are comfortable with the Bonus Stage.
Dark Reset 400 DP This one is barely relevant. You will only use it a single time, if that. Don't keep this DD activated.

Tl;dr: Ideally you keep Buckshot, Dark Projectiles, Hard Mode, Shadow Sword and Silver Death active permanently and mostly ignore the rest.

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