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Basic Equipment Strategy:

In general, you should upgrade as much of your equipment as quickly as possible.

Your initial goal with equipment is increasing your coin per second earning (CPS). This is done by aggressively leveling your most recently unlocked piece of equipment. The rate of growth is such that leveling previous equipment items is rarely advantageous for CPS growth.

At level 10, and then in intervals of 50 afterwards, items will generally offer an item upgrade which adds 100% CPS bonus to that equipment (sometimes, as in the case of the Rage Sword, it’s much higher, like 3000%). You’ll want to purchase those item upgrades to multiply your CPS growth. (Going into options and selecting “Rounded Bulk Buy” will allow you to purchase groups of items up to those groups - very convenient.)

Equipment Abilities:

Many equipment items have special upgrades that affect gameplay tied into their levels, and should be upgraded quickly to unlock those upgrades. For a complete list, see the Upgrades page. In general you should level up the boots (boost upgrades), gloves (coin magnet upgrade), and sword, dagger, and axe (if Swords Edge, Dagger Edge and Axe edge are unlocked in your ascension tree).

You should also upgrade your bow if you’ve unlocked the Sacred Book of Projectiles. The bow upgrades increase both firing speed and soul gathering from the bow, making it a superior weapon to the sword.

Random Box Optimization:

The Random Box Equipment find gives you a bonus CPS % worth 4 times a chosen-at-random piece of equipment's level (this is able to be increased to 6% by crafting the Bonus Belt). For instance, it might give you a 800% bonus CPS boost for your level 200 dagger. For this reason, it’s ultimately good to level your items as far as reasonably possible. The Chainmail of Greed also rewards this, since the player earns a small amount of bonus CPS for each equipment level they purchase.

This is an important strategy if your current goal is to earn enough coins to purchase something specific, whether Master Quests, the Cape, or something similar.

A reasonable strategy in that situation is to set Rounded Bulk Buy in game options and, once you’ve reached a point in your current ascension where you’re actively grinding for coins, purchase equipment levels in groups of 50 or 10, starting with your more recently purchased equipment and moving back towards the sword. This will help maximize and even out your equipment levels without spending too much coin in any specific place.


There are one-time achievements tied to every 50 levels of each item, up to level 500. There are also achievements for purchasing multiple levels "all at once," at 10 levels, 50 levels, and then every 100 levels, up to buying 800 levels all at once (145 Qd for the sword). Because unlocking achievements is both fun and adds to your CPS gains with the Belt upgrades, including the Legendary Belt in the Ascension Skill Tree, you should push your equipment levels higher each ascension in order to unlock additional achievements.