Idle Slayer Wiki

How do I unlock the Ascension System?

You need to complete the first two Quests from the Rookie Quests bundle, buy the two upgrades they unlock and slay a few enemies to gain a Slayer Point. Check out Ascension to learn more!

How do I unlock new Quests?

You can buy Quest bundles from the upgrades tab. The 1st bundle is called Rookie Quests and can be purchased for 5.00e9 / 5 B Coins. Check out Quests for more information including a full list of bundles!

When should I ascend for the first time?

Your first ascension should at least involve buying Permanent Slayer, Soul Gatherer Bundle and Permanent Quests. Waiting until you're able to afford True Idle Slayer and Soul Reaper aswell is also an option. There's a tier list with further suggestions here!

Are Portals useful?

You'll want to buy Portals once you get Quests asking you to slay enemies from different Dimensions. Each Dimension houses different enemies, each with their own Coin and Soul rewards. The pages Portals and Dimensions and Enemies might interest you.

Which upgrades are multiplicative?

  • % CpS bonus
  • Kills every x seconds while game closed
  • % Souls bonus
  • CpS Bonus While Game is Closed
  • Enemy In-game Slay Coins
  • Increase Coin Value by % CpS
  • Critical Souls Bonus

Is there any way to "respec" the Ascension tree?

No, but eventually you will be able to ultra ascend to reset your tree.

How are souls converted to Slayer Points?

The formula for Slayer Points is 12 + lifetimeSP * 4. This means that your first Slayer Point is 12 souls, then increases by 4 souls for each Slayer Point after this.

Do I stay in the same dimension after ascending?

Yes. After Ultra Ascending, however, you will be sent back to Hills.

My game crashes/restarts after trying to watch an ad.

This usually happens because you have "Don't keep activities" enabled under the Developer Options of your Android device settings. Disabling this should fix the issue.

When should I ultra ascend for the first time?

It is recommended to wait until you have 5+ Ultra Slayer Points.