Idle Slayer Wiki

Tips and Tricks

These apply to mobile.

  • Master the Bonus Stage: Master the bonus stage early. During mid-game, it’s largely unhelpful, but it becomes a powerful part of the game in late and endgame play. Being able to casually complete it early will set you up well later.
  • Stack Silver Boxes: Stacking silver boxes is a great casual gameplay strategy. If you cannot play for extended periods of time, attempt to open the game and check it every 30 minutes or so. Open it long enough to activate the silver box bonus; this will increase your number of remaining silver boxes until you’re ready to actively play for a while. People have stacked hundreds of silver boxes together.
  • Full Screen Menus Pause Spawning Boxes: If seeking to stack silver boxes in mobile, consider opening the ascension menu in profile as soon as you open the game. This will allow you to check and re-quest minions, and you can activate silver boxes still as well. But, while a full-screen menu is open in profile on mobile, silver boxes will not spawn in the game, so you won’t miss anything or face any extended buffs you might need to play out.
  • Break a Sword Lock During a Horde: A sword lock is what happens during a Horde when you find yourself unable to fire the bow because of the concentration of enemies. If you rotate your screen, it will cause a break in enemies and allow you to re-establish bow kills. This should only be used early in a horde, as it does not effectively pause the horde-length timer.
  • Don’t Extend Weak Buffs: Because boxes (whether normal or silver) extend already-active buffs, it’s wise in the end game to close out of the game when you have a particularly weak buff active. For instance, if you have a number of silver boxes, but get a 9x CPS boost in the bonus stage, consider closing the game till that boost expires so as not to extend it with silver boxes. Do this with 9x and <14% gemstone rush.