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Idle Slayer x Shovel Knight was a limited time event running from November 1st 2023 and ends on December 1st 2023. It was announced on the official Idle Slayer X/Twitter account on October 14th 2023.

This limited time event consists of 6 quest segments, a new boss fight, and a Shovel Knight collaboration skin that can be unlocked for 110 Jewels of Soul exclusively during the event. The event is triggered by hitting a glitched Special Random Box.

Shovel Knight Quests[]

Name Description Quest Unlocks
Flames of the Shovel Forge Pick up 1,000 Coins. Campfire, Cost: 940k.

This will unlock Shovel Knight Quests upon returning to the Shovel Knight Camp.

Blorb Hunt Kill 2,000 Jellies. Dig Piles Event, Cost: 50 Qi.

Unlocks the dig piles event.

Treasure Trove Collect 20,000 coins. Ichor of Greed, Cost: 5 Qa.

Grants a +8% bonus to CpS.

Bonus Knight Complete 25 bonus stage sections. Ichor of Bonification, Cost:3 Qa.

Increases Bonus Stage rewards by 8%.

Trench Blade (Unlocked via The Dig Pile Quest, 100 coins) Dig up 150 Dig Piles piles during Bonus Stages. (requires Dig Piles Event to be unlocked) Portable Special Random Box, Cost: 10 Qa.

Return this to the Shovel Knight to continue the questline.

Boss Fight Defeat Spectre Knight. This is not a quest but it is required to proceed with the questline. You are free to leave and return if you fail.

Rewards The Dig Pile Quest II, Cost: 100 coins

Box of Hope Dig up 150 Dig Piles from Bonus Stages. Portable Special Random Box, Cost: 10 Sx.

Return this to the Shovel Knight to continue the questline.

Quest End Return to camp with the Portable Special Random Box. Golden Shovel, Cost: 1 Sp.

Grants a +4% bonus to Cps and Souls.*

*The Golden Shovel is the only event reward that was a permanent unlock.

Additional Information[]

  • All bonuses unless specified are for the duration of the event.
  • Temporary Craftable Items won't work with the special Shovel Knight Quests.
  • To return to the Shovel Knight's Camp you must click the portal icon. There is no portal cooldown to visit the Shovel Knight.
  • The Shovel Knight's Stalwart Plate outfit grants a passive +10% CpS and Souls bonus during the Shovel Knight Event.
  • The upgrade "Charm of the Fallen" is located behind the rightmost tree in the Shovel Knight's Camp. It costs 50M and grants +5% CpS.
  • Each Dig Pile collected during a bonus stage will increase rewards by +5%, resetting for each segment of the bonus stage.

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