In-App-Purchases (IAP) are found in the Shop under the Options Tab.

Not all IAP are visible from the start. Buying either the Lava Mace or the Lava Scythe will reveal the Lava Dagger and the Lava Claw.
Similarly, buying a 25x, 50x or 100x CpS or Souls Bonus will reveal the 250x and 500x CpS and Souls Bonus IAP.

Remove Ads is tied to your Steam/Apple/Google Account, which is why Remove Ads does not transfer between platforms.

All other IAP are tied to your save file and will transfer properly.

IAP on Steam[edit | edit source]

The Steam version has No Ads by default, which is why the mobile version is free but Steam is not.
While you can't buy IAP directly on steam, you can buy them indirectly.
Simply make the purchase on a mobile device, which will link them to your save file.
Switching back to Steam afterwards will have you bring the IAP with you.

Mobile Permanent IAP[edit | edit source]

Name Bonus
Lava Mace 10% bonus CpS.
Lava Scythe Increase CpS while the game is closed by 30%.
Lava Dagger 15% bonus CpS.
Lava Claw Increase CpS while the game is closed by 35%.

Mobile Temporary IAP[edit | edit source]

Effect Duration
25x CpS 15 Minutes
50x CpS 15 Minutes
100x CpS 15 Minutes
250x CpS 15 Minutes
500x CpS 15 Minutes
25x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes
50x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes
100x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes
250x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes
500x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes

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