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In-App-Purchases (IAP) are found in the Jewels of Soul Tab, which can be unlocked by buying the "Jewels of Soul" upgrade for 1.40e4 / 14K Coins.

Jewels of Soul can currently be acquired with real money, or by completing Daily Quests which award Dragon Eggs and cracking these Dragon Eggs through Crafting can provide additional rewards including Jewels of Soul.

Remove Ads is tied to your Apple/Google Account, which is why Remove Ads does not transfer between platforms.

The Steam version has No Ads by default since you cannot display ads on Steam.

All other IAP are tied to your save file and will transfer properly.

You need to have the Steam Overlay enabled for purchases from Steam to pop up.

Name Effect Duration Cost
Lava Mace 10% bonus CpS. 30 Jewels
Lava Scythe Increase CpS while the game is closed by 30%. 30 Jewels
Lava Dagger 15% bonus CpS. 40 Jewels
Lava Claw Increase CpS while the game is closed by 35%. 40 Jewels
Reset Portal's Cooldown 8 Jewels
25x CpS Bonus 15 Minutes 20 Jewels
50x CpS Bonus 15 Minutes 40 Jewels
100x CpS Bonus 15 Minutes 80 Jewels
250x CpS Bonus 15 Minutes 200 Jewels
500x CpS Bonus 15 Minutes 400 Jewels
25x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes 20 Jewels
50x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes 40 Jewels
100x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes 80 Jewels
250x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes 200 Jewels
500x Souls Bonus 8 Minutes 400 Jewels

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
The Lost Relics Buy something with Jewels of Soul.