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Late Game Gameplay

You're in Late Game! This is an exciting period of the game, as you'll suddenly find your SP gains increasing quickly and your earning power skyrocketing. Remember when you were in early game, and thought you'd never be able to afford a 10,000 SP upgrades? Well, in this stage, you'll be buying upgrades worth more than 1 million SP! Nice.

Because you've just unlocked Divinities, you're going to want to consult the Minion and Divinity Strategy page. We could spend a lot of time here rehashing the things written there, but it's best to go and read. A summary statement would be to prepare to interact with the game in a different way than before: if you're used to just playing the game casually for 15-30 minutes here and there, start trying to check your game more often in order to re-quest minions throughout the day. Divinity Points are unquestionably the slowest thing to gain in the game, and you simply can't rush them. Send out those minions!

Late Game ends when you Ultra Ascend - resetting your entire Ascension Tree and lifetime Slayer Points earned, but earning Ultra Slayer Points which will dramatically accelerate your game. It's a good idea to also also read through the Ultra Ascension Strategy page to get ready for that upcoming adventure. It's a big one!

Your goal in this stage is to accumulate at least 6.4 million lifetime Slayer Points and Ultra Ascend. So get grinding!


There are two additional pieces of equipment which can be unlocked after the Gloves - the Cape and the Claw. It's conceivable that you could unlock the Cape during this phase, but it shouldn't be a terribly high priority. You'll be able to really enjoy the benefits of the Cape after your first Ultra Ascension.

Continue leveling equipment as much as possible, in rounded groups of 50, and earning new achievements for additional levels unlocked and to take advantage of the Chain Mail of Greed.

Before you upgrade your Bow to level 400 - and unlock the final speed upgrade - make sure to purchase Muscle Memory in the Ascension Skill Tree. It will pay big dividends every time you ascend.


You'll likely be able to work your way through most of the Master Quests during this stage, but these shouldn't be a huge priority. Quests which marginally increase CpS gains or increase gem spawn rates simply aren't that important. Your goal is lifetime Slayer Points, so work to unlock enemy evolutions and upgrades like the Bone Rib Whistle (Expert Quests, 40% higher chance of spawning enemies) and Divination (Master Quests, 35% soul bonus).


You'll find yourself using the portal much less in this stage. By and large, you'll want to stay in the Factory or Mystic Valley to farm SP. Try and play for extend periods of time, stacking soul bonus multipliers on top of mega hordes and Bonus Stage runs. When you leave, spend time in each subsequent zone farming as many materials as possible (if you unlocked the Temporary Hammer, use those Whetstones to speed up this process!), or burning through quests that can be completed in that particular zone.

As has been said before: as a general rule of thumb, portal only when you've exhausted every reason to be in a particular dimension. If you have multiple quests to complete, as well as materials to farm, complete these tasks before going elsewhere.


As you read in the Minion and Divinity strategy page, you'll be wanting to send your minions out as often as possible and earning as many Divinity Points as you can. If your are a primarily idle player, it may be possible you have 470+ DP by the time you start thinking about an Ultra Ascension. Daily Quests can mean this is even higher! If you do have more than 450 DP prior to your first UA, make sure you Ultra Prestige your minions. Otherwise, just continue sending them out actively.


Continue crafting items that are attainable. Make sure to craft the Magic Bag and Temporary Hammer prior to your Ultra Ascension, as well.

Farming and Basic Play

Oh my. NOW you want to farm SP. At various points in this stage, you'll be facing real SP walls for the first time. You'll want to settle in and farm, farm, farm!

On paper, Factory is probably still the best SP production site for you. But in reality, Mystic Valley is going to take the cake for a big reason: giants. If you're interested in deep diving some endgame strategy, take a look at the Giant Slow Kill Strategy section, and consider implementing this as you try and gain SP for your Ultra Ascension.