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Mid Game Gameplay

Welcome to Mid Game! You've unlocked the gloves, and you'll find it easier and easier to get back to that major CpS boost after Ascensions. At this point, you're grinding out SP and continuing to pay attention to the Ascension Tree Tier List. There will be a few changes to mechanics as you go along, and you'll start setting yourself up for success in the Late Game. Mid game is a transitional phase - gameplay will be shifting with a ton of new content. You'll stay in mid game until you unlock Divinities.

Remember, throughout this stage the best way to increase your CpS is to Ascend. The more Slayer Points you have, the more easily you'll gain Slayer Points, and the more coins you'll make. Ascend often!

Use this period to purchase a bulk of the Ascension Tree, through Tier 9. You'll keep working on Minions, and increase your lifetime Slayer Points. You’ll continue working through quests, likely finishing Expert Quests and preparing for Master Quests in the late game. You'll also unlock the Bag and start crafting, which will dramatically change your approach to the game for a while.

But before that, a word about minions: at first, they’ll seem like a waste of time and a cause of frustration, as they’ll need you to regularly ascend to gain the SP necessary to spend on their quests. But, as you’ll see, they’re an important element of this stage and set you up for success in the next stage.

During this stage, you'll have just unlocked the use of your Bow. At first, this will seem novel, and maybe nothing more. But once you unlock Stability and Triple Shot in the Ascension Skill Tree, you’ll find that game mechanics have significantly changed. In addition, there are upgrades which specifically generate more soul gain from Bow kills, which means you’ll want to kill as many enemies with the Bow as possible.


After your first few ascensions after the Gloves, you’ll be able to return to glove level quickly and you’ll be able to upgrade all items rapidly. Work to collect all achievements tied to equipment leveling, as this will help boost your CpS.

Don't forget to level all your equipment, in order to maximize the Chain Mail of Greed.

As you follow the Tier List to unlock ascension skills, you’ll soon unlock the Sacred Book of Projectiles and enable use of your bow. At this point, leveling your bow aggressively becomes important as there are helpful upgrades related to bow level. Don't hesitate to save and unlock Stability and Triple Shot sooner than later.


Continue working the quests. Nothing is overwhelming yet at this stage, so stay in specific zones to finish quests before moving on. If you’re looking for a place to focus, pay attention to enemy evolutions, which pay quick dividends.

As soon as you unlock the Bag (and crafting), work to craft the Diary. You'll want to being doing daily quests as frequently as possible. For each daily quest you complete, you'll get a dragon egg; crack these for rewards! As the game progresses, one of the most valuable materials comes from dragon eggs: dragon scales. It's recommended to begin collecting scales as soon as possible; and don't crack eggs if you're maxed on scales! You'll definitely want more later!


You’ll want to use portals to complete quests, but you’ll also want to actively stay in specific locations for longer in order to maximize SP gathering. Once unlocking Mystic Valley and Enchanted Arrows, it’ll become a slightly better zone for SP farming for a while. Haunted Mansion continues to be a good option as well! You'll also need to balance out collecting materials once you've unlocked the bag. By the time you complete the Expert Quests near the end of this period (or perhaps in the next stage), you’ll have many enemy evolutions unlocked. Factory will become a fantastic SP farming location.

As a general rule of thumb, portal only when you've exhausted every reason to be in a particular dimension. If you have multiple quests to complete, as well as materials to farm, complete these tasks before going elsewhere. You're still at the whim of where the portal takes you, so don't leave yourself needing to return!

Don't use your portal to try and complete daily quests. If you can afford it, reroll a daily quest in a dimension other than where you currently are.


You’ll have started working on Minions at this point. You should actively invest as much SP into your Minions as possible. At first, it’ll seem like you’re ‘wasting’ SP. But in fact, you’re investing in both SP and CpS gain as well as Divinity Points, which you’ll unlock in the next stage of the game and which you earn based on minion levels. As soon as you unlock Divinities, you’ll want to have as many minion levels earned as possible. At this stage, the White Knight, Dark Wizard, Stone Golem and possibly even the Skeleton will begin to turn a decent, sustainable source of SP. This is a definite focus for this section.


Near the end of your time in Mid Game, you'll unlock the Bag and begin to collect materials from various enemies. You'll use these materials to craft items. Some of these early crafted items can really change gameplay, so make sure you look through the item descriptions and prioritize what you can and should buy. In particular, you'll be interested in purchasing the Diary, Earth Gloves and Anima Potion.

Farming and Basic Play

You'll be moving around quite a bit during this gameplay period, so it's not necessary to think extensively about farming Slayer Points. But don't hesitate to wait in a particular dimension for a while if you're collecting materials. Factory will become your best SP farm, with Mystic Valley and Haunted Mansion not far behind.

Complete those quests, Ascend frequently to feed minions, and get more and more lifetime SP. The game is about to grow as you finish the end of this section, so hold on!