Idle Slayer Wiki

Idle Slayer currently has 2 Minigames; they are the primary source for new Characters.

Bonus Stage

The Bonus Stage is a platformer in which you have a limited amount of time to collect orbs while avoiding pit falls.

Chest Hunt

The Chest Hunt is a casino-type game where you pick chests which can contain Souls, Coins, Multipliers or Mimics.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Special Random Box 2.50e21 / 2.5 Sx Coins Unlock a 5% chance for a Random Box to spawn as a Special Random Box instead. This will open a Portal to the Bonus Stage.
Chest Hunt Key 2.50e29
250 Oc
A floating key will randomly appear which will trigger the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Chest Extinction 25 DP Chest Hunt Key will not spawn.