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Idle Slayer currently has 2 Minigames; they are the primary source for new Characters.

Bonus Stage

The Bonus Stage is a platformer in which you have a limited amount of time to collect orbs while avoiding pit falls.

Chest Hunt

The Chest Hunt is a casino-type game where you pick chests which can contain Souls, Coins, Multipliers or Mimics.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Special Random Box 2.50e21 / 2.5 Sx Coins Unlock a 5% chance for a Random Box to spawn as a Special Random Box instead. This will open a Portal to the Bonus Stage.
Chest Hunt Key 2.50e29
250 Oc
A floating key will randomly appear which will trigger the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Chest Extinction 25 DP Chest Hunt Key will not spawn.
Bonus Stage Extinction 40 DP Special Random Boxes will not spawn.