Idle Slayer currently has 2 Minigames; they are the primary source for new Characters.

Bonus Stage[edit | edit source]

The Bonus Stage is a platformer in which you have a limited amount of time to collect Orbs while avoiding pit falls.

Chest Hunt[edit | edit source]

The Chest Hunt is a casino-type game where you pick chests which can contain Souls, Coins or Mimics.

Related Purchases[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Description
Bonus Gems 1.40e28 / 14 Oc Increase the chance of finding gems in the Bonus Stage by 25%.
Chest Hunt Key 2.50e29
250 Oc
A floating key will randomly appear which will trigger the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Chest Hunt Saver 5,000 SP A Saver will spawn in a Chest during the Chest Hunt Minigame. If you find it, it will repel the next Mimic.
Super Chest Souls 35,000 SP Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 250%.
Mega Chest Souls 1,500,000 SP Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 250%.
Master Chest Souls 150,000,000 SP Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 175%.
Safety First 8,000 SP Some pitfalls in the Bonus Stage will be covered to prevent you from falling.
Crystal Saver 5 Titanium
25 Root
7.00e16 / 70 T
If the first Chest you open on a Chest Hunt is a Mimic, it will be instantly repelled.
Blue Spheres Bag 300 Goblin Cloth
2.50e33 / 2.5 De
Lower the goal for every segment of the Bonus Stage by 2 Orbs.
Bonus Stage 2 165 DP Unlock a new Bonus Stage with better rewards.
Death Trinket 225 DP Increase Bonus Stage rewards by 25%.
Divine Chest Souls 375 DP Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 100%.
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