Idle Slayer Wiki

Idle Slayer has a number of minigames, unlocked as you progress. These games vary between skill and luck based, and almost all spawn on a timer system.

*Warning - Gameplay spoilers below*

Many armory items are found at the end of minigames.

Bonus Stage[]

The Bonus Stage is the first of the minigames, and involves completing 4 platforming stages, with rewards at the end of each stage. There are many upgrades for the Bonus Stage throughout the game, which make it more valuable, simpler to complete, or change the reward structure.

There are three different Bonus Stages, all unlocked through the Ascension Tree. They vary in difficulty and rewards.

After completing the Bonus Stage, you can find armory swords and later, armory bows.

The bonus stage seems to be related to the main Ascendant Storyline plot.

Chest Hunt[]

Chest Hunt is the next minigame, and spawns regularly as a floating key in the regular gameplay area. You'll be prompted to open a series of chests, each containing rewards or mimics, which end the game. Upgrades purchased through regular gameplay will increase the rewards, and provide chances

Chest Hunt is entirely luck based, but also has the potential for the highest Slayer Point and Coin rewards of any minigame.

During the Chest Hunt, you can find armory shields.

Boss Fight[]

As the plot progresses, you'll end up finding certain characters who challenge you to a boss fight. After defeating them and purchasing specific upgrades in the Ascension Tree, you can activate a special boss Dark Divinity, which makes Bonus Stage boxes spawn to Boss Fights instead.

Boss fights are skill based, and involve dodging attacks while delivering damage to the boss. You can improve your changes by equipping certain armory items.

Completing Boss Fights give armory Rings. Boss fights are unique in that completing the fight at a certain speed will guarantee an Excellent Ring.

Slayer Lounge[]

After rebuilding the Slayer Lounge, you'll be able to play Slayer Roulette and the Slayer Machine. These minigames are purely luck based, and operate with a specific currency, Slayer Chips. Each day (24 hrs) you will have a "Free Daily Roll" which gives the chance to earn Chips. You can bet those chips, save them, spend time on rewards, or spend them at the Slayer Machine.

The Slayer Machine (like slot machines), give a random chance to win materials, Divinity Points, or Jewels of Soul.

You can purchase a key armory item, the Ring of Luck, with Slayer Chips. It is also the only way to gather the material Reptile Eyes.

Ascending Heights[]

As you progress in the Village, you'll eventually be able to head to Mt. Otto, where you'll be given the change to complete a vertical platforming challenge. After reaching the top of the mountain, you can get down and talk to Colo to receive his quests (10 St). Completing these will allow you to play the Ascending Heights minigame. The climbing boots will spawn randomly like the Chest Hunt Key, however, it opens up a portal like a bonus stage.

Ascending Heights is a skill based platforming game. It is the only way to gather the material Frozen Shards. You get frozen shards both from killing the enemies spawning in Ascending Heights as well as the chest after completion. You can upgrade the rewards through various permanent craftables or divinities.

After completing Ascending Heights, you can find armory daggers as well as receive coins, souls and frozen shards from a chest at the top of the game.