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Minions can be sent on Missions to bring you Slayer Points. While a Minions Cost Per Mission and Mission Duration always stay the same, their Reward Per Level will increase every Mission until they are Max Level. You have to ascend to claim the SP your Minions collected.

There are currently 6 different Minions in the game:

Image Minion Name Unlocked Through
Cost Per Mission Mission Duration Reward Per Level
(Max Reward)
Max Level
White Knight Minion.png White Knight Minions
(1,200 SP)
10 SP 3h00m 1 SP
(100 SP)
Dark Wizard Minion.png Dark Wizard Dark Wizard
(2,500 SP)
150 SP 6h30m 20 SP
(500 SP)
Stone Golem Minion.png Stone Golem Rock And Stone
(15,000 SP)
3,000 SP 23h00m 1,500 SP
(4,500 SP)
Skeleton Minion.png Skeleton Skeleton
(8,000 SP)
1,000 SP 3h00m 35 SP
(2,625 SP)
Goo Mutant Minion.png Goo Mutant Human After All
(60,000 SP)
1,500 SP 4h30m 50 SP
(5,000 SP)
Cyclops.png Cyclops The Eye of Providence
3.00e12 / 3 T SP
100 B SP 1d23h 20 B
(200 B SP)

Daily Bonus
Once per day you can watch an ad to reduce the remaining time of every Minion's Mission by 3 hours. Purchasing the Astral Ascension Upgrade Time Skip makes this Daily Bonus 6 hours, instead of 3.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Knight Services 7,500 SP Get 0.5% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion White Knight.
High Alchemy 12,000 SP Get 1% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion Dark Wizard.
Gala's Bone 600,000 SP Get 0.5% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion Skeleton.
Leadership Master 1.00e8 / 100 M SP Unlock the ability to send all your Minions on missions and to claim all the rewards at once.
Command & Conquer 7.50e8 / 750 M SP Decrease Minion Mission costs by 95%.
Provisions 1.50e11 / 150 B SP Get +1 additional Minion levels after claiming the reward.
Time Skip 2.00e12 / 2 T SP The effect of the Daily Minion Bonus is increased by 3 hours.
Minion Elixir 190 DP Increase the amount of Slayer Points given by your Minions by 250%.
Work Benefits 275 DP Minions complete Missions 15% faster.
Improved Work Conditions 350 DP Minions complete Missions 20% faster.
Ultra Prestige 450 DP Gain double Divinity Points from letting Ultra Ascension prestige your Minions automatically
This also allows Ultra Ascending without new Ultra Slayer Points.

Minion Calculations

These ignore Minion Elixir and Command & Conquer.

Time & Cost before quest SP is neutral/generated
Name Time SP Sunk Level
White Knight 1d06h00m 45 SP 10
Dark Wizard 2d04h00m 480 SP 8
Stone Golem 1d22h00m 1500 SP 2
Skeleton 3d15h00m 13775 SP 29
Goo Mutant 5d15h00m 21750 SP 30

The above and below tables count the Mission of the level listed as paid for and completed as well. The above table doesn't count the buy cost for SP Sunk.

Time / Level before ROI
Name Time Level Quests Completed Excess
White Knight 7d12h00m 61 60 30
Dark Wizard 6d18h30m 25 25 250
Stone Golem 12d11h00m 3 13 0
Skeleton 8d 65 64 800
Goo Mutant 16d07h30m 88 87 900
Potential SP/h
Name SP/h True SP/h True SP/h with Work Benefits True SP/h with Improved Work Conditions and Work Benefits
White Knight 30.00 33.33 39.22 51.28
Dark Wizard 53.85 76.92 90.50 118.34
Stone Golem 65.22 195.65 230.18 301.00
Skeleton 541.67 875.00 1029.41 1346.15
Goo Mutant 777.78 1111.11 1307.19 1709.40

Above are the SP (Slayer Points) you could potentially get from a max level minion each hour, assuming you claim and start another Mission exactly when the previous one finished. The right side accounts for the Mission cost not taking a toll on your total SP, meaning it doesn't affect your CpS bonus from Soul Reaper.

If you would like to play around with the numbers, visit here.

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
Minions Levels I Let a Minion complete a Mission.
Minions Levels II Get a total of 10 Minion levels.
Minions Levels III Get a total of 25 Minion levels.
Minions Levels IV Get a total of 50 Minion levels.
Minions Levels V Get a total of 75 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VI Get a total of 100 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VII Get a total of 150 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VIII Get a total of 200 Minion levels.
Minion Captain Get a total of 100 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion Major Get a total of 250 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion Colonel Get a total of 500 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion General Get a total of 1,000 Missions done by your Minions.