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Minions can be sent on Missions to bring you Slayer Points. While a Minions Cost Per Mission and Mission Duration always stay the same, their Reward Per Level will increase every Mission until they are Max Level. You have to ascend to claim the SP your Minions collected.

There are currently 7 different Minions in the game:

Image Minion Name Unlocked Through
Cost Per Mission Mission Duration Reward Per Level
(Max Reward)
Max Level
White Knight Minion White Knight Minions
(1,200 SP)
10 SP 3h00m 2 SP
(200 SP)
Dark Wizard Minion Dark Wizard Dark Wizard
(2,500 SP)
150 SP 6h30m 30 SP
(750 SP)
Stone Golem Minion Stone Golem Rock And Stone
(10,000 SP)
3,000 SP 23h00m 2,000 SP
(6,000 SP)
Skeleton Minion Skeleton Skeleton
(8,000 SP)
1,000 SP 3h00m 50 SP
(3,750 SP)
Goo Mutant Minion Goo Mutant Human After All
(60,000 SP)
1,500 SP 4h30m 100 SP
(10,000 SP)
Sneaky Stealer Ninja Sneaky Stealer
(5.00e10 / 50 B SP)
50 B SP 1d00h 0.8% of your Current Ascension Max Coins Record
Cyclops Cyclops The Eye of Providence
(3.00e12 / 3 T SP)
100 B SP 1d22h 20 B
(200 B SP)

It is worth noting that minions use your unspent SP, they do not reduce your Total SP and hence do not actually take away from your progress, you will still have your Total SP increased by completing missions no matter what level your minions are. Since your Total SP is increasing from claiming minions, they will be increasing your Ascension CpS and Bonus Souls (from Soul Reaper) upon ascension too.

Daily Bonus
Once per day you can watch an ad to reduce the remaining time of every Minion's Mission by 3 hours. Purchasing the Astral Ascension Upgrade Time Skip makes this Daily Bonus 6 hours, instead of 3.

Related Purchases[]

Name Cost Description
Inner Power 5,000 SP Minions will grant a percentage of your Spent Slayer Points based on their Mission duration.[1]
Knight Services 7,500 SP Get 0.5% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion White Knight.
High Alchemy 12,000 SP Get 1% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion Dark Wizard.
Gala's Bone 600,000 SP Get 0.5% CpS bonus per every level of the Minion Skeleton.
Leadership Master 1.00e8 / 100 M SP Unlock the ability to send all your Minions on missions and to claim all the rewards at once.
Command & Conquer 7.50e8 / 750 M SP Decrease Minion Mission costs by 95%.
Chemical X 9.00e9 / 9 B SP Get 0.25% CpS Bonus for every level of the Minion Goo Mutant.
Provisions 1.50e11 / 150 B SP Get +1 additional Minion levels after claiming the reward.
Time Skip 2.00e12 / 2 T SP The effect of the Daily Minion Bonus is increased by 3 hours.
Ancient Awakening 2.50e15 / 2.5 Qa SP Get 10% CpS Bonus for every level of the Minion Stone Golem.
Crooked Staff 80 Slayer Chips or

60 Jewels of Soul

Get +1 additional Minion levels after claiming the reward.
Minion Elixir 190 DP Increase the amount of Slayer Points given by your Minions by 150%.
Work Benefits 275 DP Minions complete Missions 15% faster.
Improved Work Conditions 350 DP Minions complete Missions 20% faster.
Greeks Blessing 500 DP Minions complete Missions 25% faster.
Ultra Prestige 450 DP Gain double Divinity Points from letting Ultra Ascension prestige your Minions automatically.
This also allows Ultra Ascending without new Ultra Slayer Points.
  1. Inner power is unaffected by Minion levels and gives an increasing amount of SP as you spend more Slayer Points in your current Ultra Ascension.

Inner Power[]

Inner Power is an Ultra Ascension Upgrade that allows Minions to give additional SP (on top of the base SP rewards) for completing missions. The amount of SP is based off of their mission duration and the amount of Spent Slayer Points in the current Ultra Ascension, up to a limit of 1 quadrillion (1e15) Spent Slayer Points. This amount is unchanged with the Divinities Work Benefits (WB), Improved Work Conditions (IWC), and Greeks Blessing but is increased by Minion Elixir.
The below table shows the approximate amount of SP (as a percentage of Spent SP) that Inner Power will grant per Minion.

Percentage of Spent SP granted for completing missions
Name Time Base Minion Elixir
White Knight 03h00m 0.162% 0.405%
Skeleton 03h00m 0.162% 0.405%
Goo Mutant 04h30m 0.243% 0.6075%
Dark Wizard 6h30m 0.351% 0.8775%
Stone Golem 23h00m 1.242% 3.105%
Cyclops 1d22h00m 2.484% 6.21%

The table below attempts to ambitiously calculate the average amount of SP you could get per day (assuming 16 waking hours of perfectly claiming minions, as well as getting perfect value from daily bonuses) as a percentage of spent SP. Under more realistic scenarios you may be getting 25% less than the ambitious values.

Ambitious average daily SP gain from Inner Power
#Minions Base WB (+17.6%) WB + IWC (+54%) + Minion Elixir (+150%) + Time Skip (+3hr)
5 Minions 6.30% 7.35% 9.69% 24.12% 24.93%
6 Minions 7.50% 8.85% 11.58% 29.01% 29.97%

Related Achievements[]

Name Requirement
Minions Levels I Let a Minion complete a Mission.
Minions Levels II Get a total of 10 Minion levels.
Minions Levels III Get a total of 25 Minion levels.
Minions Levels IV Get a total of 50 Minion levels.
Minions Levels V Get a total of 75 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VI Get a total of 100 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VII Get a total of 150 Minion levels.
Minions Levels VIII Get a total of 200 Minion levels.
Minion Captain Get a total of 100 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion Major Get a total of 250 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion Colonel Get a total of 500 Missions done by your Minions.
Minion General Get a total of 1,000 Missions done by your Minions.