You'll first encounter Minions in the Midgame stage, as you head towards factory. At first, Minions will provide a steady stream of SP. You'll likely unlock White Knight and Dark Wizard, followed by the Stone Golem, Skeleton and then Slime Monster. Three minions have ascension tree skill upgrades which will give CPS bonuses based on the level of the associated minion.

After unlocking Divinities in the Ascension Tree, you'll be able to earn Divinity Points (DP) by prestiging Minions and purchasing additional upgrades. These can dramatically boost gameplay when used well.

Basic Minion Strategy:[edit | edit source]

Follow the tier list in purchasing Minions, and level minions as aggressively as possible. Not only will these soon provide SP income, but you're also paving the way to great DP benefits after unlocking Divinities.

At first, you'll feel like you're wasting SP by leveling your minions. Initially, they cost a lot more than they bring in! But remember, you never waste SP, as lifetime earned SP contributes to your CPS boost and Soul Reaper benefits. So, instead of wasting SP, think of it as investing SP.

You'll also find yourself ascending a bit more rapidly as you need constant SP to send your minions on quests. This is normal.

Basic Minion Prestige Strategy:[edit | edit source]

When you first unlock Divinities, you'll need to prestige - or reset - all your minions at once. The best basic strategy here is to prestige minions whenever your Dark Wizard is max level. This will likely be the case as soon as you unlock Divinities, and you might initially balk at immediately prestige your minions. But every max-level quest you send a minion on is a wasted DP (you're already losing DP from your Stone Golem), and DP is incredibly valuable, especially late game. Prestige those minions!

Keep in mind that there are ascension skills that boost CPS based on Minion levels. Prestiging your minions will cause you to lose those CPS boosts. Midgame, however, you're focused on SP gain and not CPS. So this won't make a big impact until your first late-game Cape Run, and so plan accordingly. It's not recommended to attempt the Cape until at least 5 Mil Lifetime SP, so if you're not there yet, prestige away and start banking that DP!

Purchasing Divinities:[edit | edit source]

Unlike SP, you can reset your Divinities, for a cost of 20 DP. While that's costly - that's 20 DP you've lost forever - it can be helpful to use as Divinities are expensive and you'll only be able to afford a few select Divinities at a time, for a while.

There are generally three camps in regards to the best Divinity Strategy:

Strategy: Divinities (in order): Notes:
Max SP Wind Waker, Ultra Instinct Only for active players. Dramatically increases SP gain for active, bow players.
Max Random Chance Specialist, Emeralds, Less Coins More Fun,  Golden Apple Increases the chances of chaining random box buffs. Best for a cape run.
Max DP Improved Work Benefits, Work Benefits, Speeds the gain of DP, and allows for an effective late game strategy.

Situations might vary, but it's likely the best strategy is to purchase Wind Waker and Ultra Instinct first to maximize SP gain until you're at 5M+ lifetime SP for a Cape Run. Then, reset and purchase Specialist, Emeralds, Golden Apple and Less Cons More Fun if you have the DP. Once you've reached Cape Level, you can reset again, purchase Improved Work Benefits and Work Benefits, and then add in the rest of the Divinities as you have the chance.

Others purchase Improved Work Benefits and Work Benefits first, and then work the other two strategies as needed. Owning these two Divinites means the Skeleton and White Knight finish quests in under 2 hours, and the Goo Mutant finishes in less than 3 hours (under the Daily Bonus time). This is a big gain to DP earning.

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