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This is a page for the various NPCs found within the game. Currently, they are only found in the Village Dimension. Their names, images, and dialogues can be found below.

Cristino & Albert

Cristino & Albert.png
(Talk to Cristino in the Village)
Cristino: Greetings Slayer!
Cristino: Albert and I want to thank you for helping us recover our lands.
Cristino: Say thanks, Albert.
Albert: *SWEEK*
Cristino: Very good, Albert.
Cristino: Oh, by the way, I'm Cristino.
Cristino: I’ve heard that a different breed of Alberts lives on the north side of the Hills.
(New Upgrade unlocked: Delta Worms)

(If you talk to Cristino again)
Cristino: Who is a good boy?
Albert: *SWEEK*


(Talk to Emily in Edenors Tavern)
Emily: A Slayer, huh?
Emily: I'm Emily.
Emily: My husband was a Slayer too.
Emily: He was part of the village's recon unit.
Emily: The team was assaulted by a strange species of yetis during an expedition into the Arctic.
Emily: One recon unit member managed to survive, but my husband didn't make it.
Emily: ...
Emily: If you get the chance, please avenge my husband!
(New Upgrade unlocked: Electric Yetis)

(If you talk to Emily again)
Emily: Take care, Slayer.


(Talk to Joey in the Village)
Joey: Hi! I'm Joey.
Joey: I provide all the food to this village.
Joey: Thanks to the Slayers, I can safely work here again.
Joey: Sadly, we have yet to finish rebuilding my mill.
Joey: Can you help me find the materials for my mill?
Text Bubble.png Yes
(Continues below)
Text Bubble.png No
Joey: Maybe some other time.
(Does not continue)

Joey: Great!
Joey: Here is the list of the materials I need.
(List of materials is available at the mill)

(If you talk to Joey again before completely rebuilding the mill)
Joey: Thank you so much for helping me with this.

(Once you have completed repairing the mill)
Joey: You did it! I can't thank you enough for this.
Joey: The villagers will no longer need to go hungry.
Joey: Here, take this as a reward.
(You receive the Joey's Quests Upgrade)

(If you talk to Joey again)
Joey: It's a beautiful day in the village.


(Talk to Peter in the Village)
Villager: Every day I come to the woods to look for my daughter.
Villager: She disappeared five years ago, the day before our village was taken over by the monsters.
Villager: ...
Villager: She's a strong woman.


(Talk to Sabrina in the Village)
Sabrina: Hey sweetie.
Sabrina: I'm looking for someone who can help me with a task.
Sabrina: My dad is the owner of this tavern.
Sabrina: Well... If you can call this mess a tavern.
Sabrina: He asked me to get the materials needed to rebuild it.
Sabrina: But you won't let a pretty girl like me get her soft hands dirty, right?
Sabrina: So, what do you say, honey? Will you help me?
Text Bubble.png Sure
(Continues below)
Text Bubble.png No
Sabrina: Really? You'll not have another chance like this one with me.
(Does not continue)

Sabrina: Oh darling, you're the best.
Sabrina: Here is what I need. It won't take you long.
(List of materials is available at tavern)

(As you work on depositing materials at the tavern)
Sabrina: Sugar, I don't want to stress you, but I can't let my dad down.

(Once you have completed the tavern)
Sabrina: Thanks sweetie!
Sabrina: I'll tell my dad about you.
Sabrina: Take this. It may be useful to you.
(You receive the Sabrina's Perfume Upgrade)
Sabrina: My name? Oh no, where are my manners?
Sabrina: I'm Sabrina.

(If you talk to Sabrina again)
Sabrina: My dad is preparing everything for the grand reopening.

(Talk to Sabrina in Edenors Tavern)
Sabrina: Oh hey, sweetie!
Sabrina: Welcome to Edenor's Tavern!
Sabrina: Would you like anything to drink?
Text Bubble.png Beer (5 Coins)
(Continues below)
Text Bubble.png No
(Does not continue)

(If you have 5 Coins)
You pay for the beer and drink it.
But it evaporates before it touches your mouth.

(If you do not have 5 Coins)
Sabrina: You don't have 5 coins?
Sabrina: Whatever, take it for free.
You drink the beer.
But it evaporates before it touches your mouth.


(Upon entering the Village, Victor walks up to you and begins talking...)
Victor: Oh...
Victor: You are finally here!
Victor: Welcome to the Village, Slayer!
Victor: I'm Victor and I'm the mayor of this village.
Victor: Thanks to your help, we can live here again.
Victor: Everyone wants to thank you for making this possible.
Victor: Please go and meet them.

(If you talk to Victor again)
Victor: Have you met everyone?

(Talk to Victor after meeting Cristino & Albert, Emily, Joey and Sabrina)
Victor: Slayer, do you have a minute?
Text Bubble.png Sure
(Continues below)
Text Bubble.png No
(Does not continue)

(Victor leads you into his house)
Victor: So, as you may already know...
Victor: A few years ago, a horde of monsters destroyed our village.
Victor: And we never found out where it originated.
Victor: Until now...
Victor: The recon unit reports that a strange monolith appeared in the forest.
Victor: We suspect that it may be related to the incident.
Victor: But the unit did not dare get closer.
Victor: Please, investigate the area and find out what it is.

(If you talk to Victor again)
Victor: Any news of the monolith? Victor: Remember, you can find it in the forest.

Unnamed Villager 1

(Talk to unnamed villager 1 in Edenors Tavern)
Villager: We all pay the Slayer Tax.
Villager: It's a small tax that everyone pays to finance the Slayers.
Villager: I always thought it was a waste of money.
Villager: But now that I have my tavern back, I've changed my mind.

Unnamed Villager 1

(Talk to unnamed villager 2 in Edenors Tavern)
Villager: This is my first date with her.
Villager: Wish me luck!