This feature is unlocked through Ascension

Portals are an essential part of progression, many Quests can only be completed by going to different Dimensions.
Once you travel to a new Dimension through a Portal, you will stay there until you go into another portal.
Neither ascensions nor the portal cooldown change the dimension you are currently in.

Portal Cycles[edit | edit source]

Portals are randomly cyclical. Each cycle includes every unlocked Dimension except Bonus Stages, but the order within the cycle is random. Skipping/Missing a Portal will count it as having appeared within your cycle and will not show up again until that cycle concludes.
It is not possible to get a Portal leading to the Dimension you're already in. In this case that Portal will also automatically be skipped.
When purchasing a new Dimension, it will be added to the next cycle, so it could take you a few Portals to find it.

Dimensions and their Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Dimension Enemies Portal
Hills Worm, Bee and Hills' Golem Portal Hills.png
Frozen Fields Young Yeti, Jelly and Adult Yeti Portal Frozen Fields.png
Jungle Bee, Carniplant and Mushroom Portal Jungle.png
Modern City Worm, Jelly and Bat Portal Modern City.png
Haunted Castle Worm, Demon, Bat and Archdemon Portal Haunted Castle.png
Mystic Valley Cursed Tree, Wildfire, Mushroom and Fairy Queen Portal Mystic Valley.png
Factory Jelly, Soul Barrel and Toxic Gas Portal Factory.png
Hot Desert[1] Scorpion, Cobra, and Anubis Warrior Desert Portal.png
Bonus Stage 1 and 2[2] Soul Goblin Portal Bonus Stage.png
Special Bonus Stage[3] none Portal Special Bonus Stage.png

Related Purchases[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Description
Portals 25 SP You gain the ability to open Portals to new Dimensions.
Skill cooldown: 8 hours.
Map 150 SP The destination name will be displayed on top of every Portal.
Portal Traveler 200 SP Decrease the Portal skill cooldown to 4 hours.
This will also replenish your current Portal cooldown.
Mystic Valley 1,200 SP Unlock the Mystic Valley zone. Use the Portal to get there!
ASHPD 5,000 SP Decrease the Portal skill cooldown to 2 hours.
This will also replenish your current Portal cooldown.
Factory 140,000 SP Unlock the Factory zone. Use the Portal to get there!
Portal Dominum 5,000,000 SP You gain the ability to choose the destination of the Portal.
Hot Desert[1] 5 SP Unlock the Hot Desert Zone. Use the Portal to get there!

Only available after an Ultra Ascension.

Staff of Matter 200 Slime, 25 Wood, 15 Fairy Cloth
7.50e42 / 7.5 Td
Halve the time of the Portal cooldown.
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Hot Desert is available to unlock in the Ascension Tree only after an Ultra Ascension.
  2. Bonus Stages are temporary - you will go back to your previous Dimension after finishing a Bonus Stage.
    These Portals can only appear from Special Random Boxes.
  3. The Special Bonus Stage can only appear once you've completed Bonus Stage 1 at least once and will stop appearing again as soon as you complete it once too to unlock the Character Minita.
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