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There are a total of 12 quest bundles (10 of them prior to Ultra Ascension).

The quests are sorted into several different categories for optimal completion:

  • Active (A): These quests are quests that you need to actively play the game to complete.
  • Passive (P): These quests can be completed during idle play.
  • Wherever (W): These quests can be completed in any dimension.
  • Ultra Ascension only (UA): These quests can only be completed/accessed after your first UA.

Rookie Quests
Cost: 500 K coins
Unlock: Purchase Equipment

Recommended Dimension: Hills

Beekeeper (P): Kill 150 Wasps
Coin Purse (P,W): Pick up 100 Coins
Gaius Confrontation (P): Kill 3 Giants
Random Encounter (A, W): Hit 5 Random Boxes
The Winner Takes All (P): Kill 350 Wasps

Recommended Dimension: Modern City

Worm Nest (P): Kill 170 Worms

Early game players will want to spend extra time in the Hills to fight the giant here for early game SP and coins to unlock later quests. If you can afford it, it can be advantageous to save a planned ascension for right after portal hopping, if the game doesn't spawn the dimension you want, as it resets the portal cooldown when you purchase a portal upgrade from the skill tree.

Ancient Quests (UA)
Cost: 1500 Coins
Unlock: Ascend and spend 5 SP

Recommended Dimension: Hills

Box Hunt (A): Hit 120 Random Boxes
Warrior Awakening (A/P): Kill 35 Giants

Skip Cobra Venom and Toxin Study until you're ready to spend all your time in the desert.

Novice Quests
Cost: 1 T Coins
Unlock: Complete "The Winner Takes All" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Modern City

Clearing the Skies (P, W): Kill 500 flying enemies.
Coin Hunt (P, W): Pick up 150 Coins
The Thrill of One More Kill (P): Kill 350 Jellies
Worm Domination (P): Kill 500 Worms

Skip the final Quest: Wasps Domination, for the time being.

Beginner Quests
Cost: 100 Qi coins
Unlock: Complete "The Thrill of One More Kill" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Modern City

Bat Hunter (P): Kill 50 Bats
The Last One to Fall (P): Kill 1200 Jellies
Worm Slaughter (P): Kill 2000 Worms

Skip Enraged Wasps and Sweet Vengeance for the time being.

Advanced Quests
Cost: 150 Sx Coins
Unlock: Complete "The Last One to Fall" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Modern City*

Hand Stingers* (P, W): Kill 300 flying enemies
Never Sacrifice the Will*: (P,W): Pick up 500 Coins
Sticky Compound* (P): Kill 2000 Jellies
Worm Extinctor* (P): Kill 1200 Alpha Worms

*These quests can be completed in any Dimension that has the enemies you need to slaughter. If you can afford the next quest bundle, you should portal hop to Mystic Valley instead to begin the grind for the cape. Quests saved for later are: Demon Eye, Fungus Feast, Ice & Snow, Sweet Compound.

Graduated Quests
Cost: 400 Oc
Unlock: Complete "Never Sacrifice the Will" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Mystic Valley

Archaeologist (P,W): Pick Up 1000 Rubies
Coins for Charity (P,W): Pick up 5000 coins
Goblin Diplomacy (A,W): Kill 200 Soul Goblins
Mushroom Smash (P): Kill 500 Mushrooms
That Tree Just Moved! (P): Kill 150 Cursed Trees
The Key To Success (A, W): Hit 50 Random Boxes

Fungus Feast will stack with Mushroom Smash. Save Dangerous Annelids and any unfinished previous quests for later.

Pro Quests
Cost: 100 No Coins
Unlock: Complete "That Tree Just Moved!" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Mystic Valley

Eat Your Veggies (P): Kill 10,000 Poison Mushrooms
Hot Souls (P): Kill 5000 Wildfires
Last Effort (P): Kill 1000 flying enemies
Soul Carriers (A, W): Kill 400 Soul Goblins

Save Dark Honey, Demon Souls, Morris, and Your Superior for later.

Expert Quests
Cost: 50 De Coins
Unlock: Complete "Last Effort" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Mystic Valley

That's Not a Ruby! (P,W): Pick up 1000 Rubies
Juicy Fruits (P,W): Pick up 2000 Coins

Recommended Dimension: Factory (or Modern City, if you can't afford it yet)

King's Favourite (P): Kill 5000 Red Jellies

Remain in Mystic valley for SP gains while you collect enough Rubies to evolve Jellies into Red Jellies to unlock the next quest bundle. Ignore the other two quests for now (Slaying For Fun and Yeti Mayhem).

Master Quests
Cost: 450 De Coins
Unlock: Complete "King's Favourite" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Mystic Valley

Blue Spectre (P): Kill 14,500 Wildfires
Chemical Components (P): Kill 17,000 Blue Wildfires
Chopping Wood (P): Kill 10,000 Cursed Trees
Divination (P,W): Pick up 2000 Sapphires
Goblin Escalation (A,W): Kill 1500 Soul Hobgoblins
Jeweler (P,W): Pick up 3000 Sapphires

Recommended Dimension: Jungle

Legacy of the Throne* (P):
Bad Weed (P):

*To complete this quest, you will return to these previously skipped quests: Enraged Wasps (allows for the evolution of Hornets). Sweet Vengeance, Sweet Compound, Dark Honey all stack together, giving you credit for all 3 quests at the same time.

Royal Quests
Cost: 5 Dd Coins
Unlock: Complete "Legacy of the Throne" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Hot Desert*

Cold Blooded* (P,UA): Kill 4000 Scorpions
Green Sparkle** (P,W): Pick up 5000 Emeralds
Military Souls (A): Kill 500 Soul Goblin Chiefs
Weak Spot Research (P): Land 8000 Critical Hits
Recommended Dimension: Jungle***
Herblore Master*** (P): Kill 15,000 Venus Carniplants

Recommended Dimension: Factory***

Climate Control*** (P): Kill 40,000 Toxic Gasses

*UA only. If this is your first playthrough see Notes in the next section about finishing your last quests.
**You can only complete this if you have purchased the corresponding divinity
***These quests are probably only for the completionists/to work on as you farm slime and roots

Global Quests (UA)
Cost: 1 Td Coins
Unlock: Complete "Cold Blooded" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Hot Desert

Golden Idol* (P) Kill 10,000 Cobras
Killing in the Name (A,W): Kill 2000 enemies with the Rage Mode ability
Random Hunter** (A,W): Hit 100 Random Boxes
Sapphire Dust** (P,W): Pick up 1000 Sapphires

*You'll leave the Desert to complete the other side quests as soon as you unlock them, then return to this later. The reason for is the SP gain here vs someplace else.
**You'll finish these while you do other things since you can do them anywhere.

Hard Quests (UA)
Cost: 250 TD
Unlock: Complete "Killing in the Name" Quest

Recommended Dimension: Frozen Fields

Frostbite* (A): Kill 5000 Ice Wraiths with Arrows

Recommended Dimension: Haunted Castle

Hidden in the Bushes** (P): Kill 10,000 Worms
The Dark Knight (P): Kill 6500 Bats
Devote Your Heart*** (A/P): Kill 250 Giants
Secrets of Montu*** (A/P): Kill 100 Giants
Silver Research (A,W): Hit 50 Silver Random Boxes
Coin Transmutation (P,W): Pick up 20,000 Coins
Fury of the Storm*** (A,W): Kill 50,000 enemies with the Rage Mode ability

Recommended Dimension: Mystic Valley

Chopping Gold**** (P): Kill 3,000 Cursed Oak Trees

Recommended Dimension: Hot Desert****

Secrets of Anhur (P): Kill 9000 Golden Cobras

The purpose of postponing the quests to Frozen Fields and Haunted Castle is so that you never have to visit FF again until your next UA, and only visit the Castle again when you need more bat wings. The visit to the Castle stacks Demon Eye and Demon Souls, and allows you to complete Slaying for Fun and The Dark Knight, as well as the Worm quests mentioned below.
*Along with this, you'll complete all other FF quests, and once again they will stack (Ice & Snow, Your Superior, and Yeti Mayhem all stack). If you wait for a mega horde, you only need to use a single dimensional staff and can leave as soon as your portal cools down.
**All previously skipped worm quests stack with this one (Dangerous Annelids, Morris, Worm Slaughter 2, and Hot Top Volcano). On the off chance you did not complete Worm Extinctor before you complete Dangerous Annelids, the game still gives you credit for Alpha Worms slain even though you've evolved them into Beta Worms.
***Pretty self explanatory, but you'll start using this as applicable and finish it in the Desert along with the rest of the quests there.
****All previously postponed Desert quests will happen now, and you'll spend the majority of the rest of your time here until you UA, unless you need to go farm materials for more temporary crafting.

Happy Questing!

Credit goes to Idle Slayer Discord member Tom Riddle#9515 for this guide.