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The ability Rage Mode can be unlocked for 30,000,000 (30M) Slayer Points; it is an Ultra Ascension Upgrade.

During Rage Mode your speed is increased greatly, you one-hit Giants and you gain x100 Souls. Rage Mode only lasts a few seconds and has a cooldown of 10 minutes.

Using the Bow is impossible during Rage Mode [1]; using the Boost is possible but has no effect.

Any Random Boxes on screen will be automatically triggered. Special Random Boxes will be automatically triggered at the end of your Rage Mode and the portal will spawn. You ignore Portals during Rage Mode.

Related Purchases

Name Cost Description
Already Enraged 10 SP Increase Rage Mode ability duration by +10%.
Fury 10 SP Unlock the Fury Random Event which reduces Rage Mode cooldown by 50%.
Outrage 20 SP Increase the Souls multiplier while in Rage Mode by +10x.
Rage Mode 30,000,000 SP Unlock the Rage Mode ability.
Eternal Rage 4.50e9
4.5 B SP
Keep the Rage Mode unlocked even after Ultra Ascending.
Bad-Tempered 5.00e10
50 B SP
Increase the Souls multiplier while in Rage Mode by +50x.
Internal Fury 1.50e45
1.5 Qt
Increase the Souls multiplier while in Rage Mode by +10x. Reward from Hard Quest Fury of The Storm
Rage Pill 50 Root
80 Slime
Instantly recharge the Rage Mode.


Name Requirement
Dodge This You Bastard! Use Rage Mode 10 times.
It's No Use! Use Rage Mode 50 times.
Rip & Tear! Use Rage Mode 250 times.
Rest In Pieces! Use Rage Mode 500 times.
It Does Nothing Try to go faster while using the Rage Mode.
Double Rage Mode Use the Rage Mode while using the Rage Mode.

  1. This means that the Bow multiplier will not be applied.