Random boxes appear and give bonuses when jumped into from the bottom. They appear every 30 to 120 seconds, and with the Mega Random Box upgrade it can be increased to 15 to 60 seconds and with the Roll The Dice upgrade it spawns every 13.6 to 54.5 seconds. Random boxes will not spawn while a menu is open on mobile in portrait mode.

When the Special Random Box upgrade is purchased, there is a 5% chance that a spawned Random Box is a Special Random Box, which will take you to the Bonus Stage.

Random Box Bonuses[edit | edit source]

These are the possible bonuses from activating a random box. Their durations can be modified by upgrades. Every 30 minutes, and after Day 2 of playing the game, a button appears to make the next random box a Silver Random Box. This causes the bonus from the box to be double what it normally is.

Name Bonus Silver Bonus Unlock Requirement
Equipment Bonus Increase current CpS by 4% per level of a random equipment for 40 seconds. (Upgradeable to 6% by crafting the Bonus Belt) Increase current CpS by 8% per level.
Coin Value Multiply coin pickup value by 15 to 25 for 15 seconds. Multiply coin pickup value by 30 to 50 instead
Dual Randomness Spawn two random boxes next to each other. Spawn three random boxes next to each other. Get Dual Randomness
Gemstone Rush Add +5 to 25% to chance to spawn gemstones for 90 seconds. Add +10 to 50% chance instead, for the same duration. Get Gemstone Rush
CpS Multiplier Multiply current CpS by 9 for 80 seconds. Multiply current CpS by 18 for the same duration.
Horde Causes many enemies to appear on screen for 7 seconds. Only applies to flying enemies, and can not be awarded on a map with no flying enemies (this restriction is removed when you purchase Mega Horde). Causes twice as many enemies to appear, over the same duration. Purchase Enemy Realm
Frenzy Causes many coins to appear on screen for 10 seconds. Causes twice as many coins to appear, over the same duration.
Found Coins Gives coins equal to picking up 20 to 70 coins on screen. Gives 40 to 140 coins instead.

Random Box Chances[edit | edit source]

The chances of getting a given event are dependent on the Slayer's current map and the Bonuses that are unlocked. For example, if a map does not support Horde and you haven't purchased Mega Horde then the chances of picking the other bonuses are increased. Below is a table of chances, for maps with and without horde.

The chance of getting the Found Coins bonus can be decreased by 10% purchasing the Less Coins More Fun Divinity Upgrade. Note that this is not a flat 10% decrease from the table below, but a 10% lower chance that the bonus is picked in the spawning algorithm.

For a more accurate calculation of the chances, depending on the Slayer's map and unlocked bonuses and purchased divinities, use this calculator: https://idleslayer.com/calculator

Name Chances in Horde Map Chances in Non-Horde Map
Found Coins 56.34% 62.39%
Frenzy 11.32% 12.33%
Equipment Bonus 1.38% 1.46%
OMG 0.31% 0.37%
Coin Value 1.80% 1.92%
Dual Randomness 3.60% 3.97%
Gemstone Rush 4.32% 4.76%
CpS Multiplier 7.43% 8.08%
Horde 9.23% 0.00%
Increase Souls 4.27% 4.72%
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