Idle Slayer Wiki

This guide is being written to explore some of the basics of Idle Slayer Gameplay.

Overall, Idle Slayer is a game which is hard to play incorrectly. Game play progresses at different speeds at different times, and there are a number of walls where gameplay will slow considerably, some that last quite a while. Active play is rewarded. Check throughout this Wiki for a variety of information on different topics.

To make the best choice about which zone to play in, or to better understand your chance of a Random Box event, please use this calculator:

Mid, Late, Ultra and End gameplay will benefit from these Gameplay Tips and Tricks.

Don't forget to consult the Ascension Tree Tier List and Divinities Tier List to spend those Slayer Points and Divinity Points.

Game Period Guides

These strategies are broken into five game periods, and try to give advice about priorities and play styles during the different periods.

Early Game Gameplay - Lasts from the start until you’ve reached Minions and the Bow in the Ascension Tree, and have also unlocked the Gloves equipment.

Mid Game Gameplay - Working from the Minions and the Bow until Divinities.

Late Game Gameplay - Working from Divinities until you Ultra Ascend (UA).

Ultra Ascension - What does it look like to Ultra Ascend, and what should you do to prepare?

End Game Gameplay - Chasing Αchievements after you've Ultra Ascended.

A certain level of active play is virtually required to move into Late Game and End Game. While active play is necessary, an investment over time is also necessary. Early Game can last about a couple of weeks, Mid Game can last from a few weeks to a month or two, and Late Game takes a couple of weeks to over a month. You can get to End Game in about 3 or four months, though it varies a lot depending on how active you are.

Gameplay Element Guides

In addition to general gameplay strategies, there are strategies written for various gameplay elements, regardless of play period.

Ascension Strategy - When to ascend and how to spend your SP

Equipment Strategy - Thoughts on how to use, upgrade, and prioritize your equipment

Dimension Strategy - When and how should you use the portal?

Minion and Divinities Strategy - Questing and prestiging your minions, and spending Divinity Points.