Ultra Ascension is unlocked through the Ascension Tree for 1,000,000 Slayer Points. Ultra-Ascending will reset way more than a normal Ascension, but also grant something way stronger in return: Ultra Slayer Points. These can be spent on Stones of Time.

Furthermore new Ascension Upgrades will become available on the Ascension Tree. Check out this page for advice on when to ultra-ascend.

The amount of USP you gain is based on your Lifetime Slayer Points, automatically including your unclaimed SP; ascending before an Ultra Ascension is therefore optional.

The amount of SP you need for a USP is calculated using , where x is the sum of your earned and unearned USP.

What happens when I Ultra Ascend?[edit | edit source]

  • You lose all Coins and Coin Upgrades
  • You lose all Slayer Points and SP Upgrades
  • You lose all Quests and Quest progress
  • You lose all Minion levels and Mission progress (Divinity Points from this are properly credited.)
  • You go back to Hills
  • You gain USP according to the formula described above
  • You lose all progress to the next unclaimed USP
  • You gain access to new Ascension Upgrades

What's unaffected?[edit | edit source]

New Ascension Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Effect Required Ascension Upgrades All requirements needed
Stones of Time 5 SP Unlock the Stones of Time where you can get great benefits for the obtained Ultra Slayer Points. Permanent Slayer
Hot Desert 5 SP Unlock the Hot Desert Dimension. Use Portals to get there! Portals
Orange Ore 5 SP Gain 6% bonus CpS. Red Ore and Purple Ore Yes
Pink Ore 5 SP Gain 6% bonus CpS. Blue Ore, Yellow Ore Yes
Ancient Quests 5 SP Unlock a new Quest bundle. Hot Desert
Blessing of Cronus 50 SP Enable previously unlocked Divinities. Idle Earrings II
3 Rows 350,000 SP Spawn 3 rows of Coins instead of 2 when completing sections of the Bonus Stage. Bonus Rewards+
Giant Horde 50,000,000 SP Upgrades the Horde Random Event to include Giants. Mega Horde

Spreadsheet[edit | edit source]

If you're looking for more information check out this spreadsheet by Nesth on Discord.

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