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Ultra Ascension is unlocked through the Ascension Tree for 1,000,000 Slayer Points. Ultra-Ascending will reset way more than a normal Ascension, but also grant something way stronger in return: Ultra Slayer Points. These can be spent on Stones of Time.

Furthermore new Ascension Upgrades will become available on the Ascension Tree. Check out this page for advice on when to ultra-ascend.

The amount of USP you gain is based on your Lifetime Slayer Points, automatically including your unclaimed SP; ascending before an Ultra Ascension is therefore optional.

The amount of SP you need for a USP is calculated using , where x is the sum of your earned and unearned USP.

You need to earn at least 1 Ultra Slayer Point in order to Ultra Ascend unless you have purchased the Divinity Ultra Prestige.

What happens when I Ultra Ascend?

  • You lose all Coins and Coin Upgrades
  • You lose all Slayer Points and SP Upgrades
  • You lose all Quests and Quest progress
  • You lose all Minion levels and Mission progress (Divinity Points from this are properly credited.)
  • You go back to Hills
  • You gain USP according to the formula described above
  • You lose all progress to the next unclaimed USP
  • You gain access to new Ascension Upgrades

What's unaffected?

New Ascension Upgrades

Name Cost Effect Required Ascension Upgrades
Stones of Time 5 SP Unlock the Stones of Time where you can get great benefits for the obtained Ultra Slayer Points. Permanent Slayer
Hot Desert 5 SP Unlock the Hot Desert Dimension. Use Portals to get there! Portals
Orange Ore 5 SP Gain 6% bonus CpS. Red Ore and Purple Ore
Pink Ore 5 SP Gain 6% bonus CpS. Blue Ore, Yellow Ore
Ancient Quests 5 SP Unlock a new Quest bundle. Hot Desert
Fury 10 SP Unlock the Fury Random Event which reduces Rage Mode cooldown by 50%. Rage Mode
Dangerous While Alone 35 SP Every time you slay an enemy while the game is closed you get a +1.5% chance of slaying an unlocked Giant of the current Dimension instead of a normal enemy. Sword Edge
Blessing of Cronus 50 SP Enable previously unlocked Divinities. Idle Earrings II
Already Enraged 100 SP Increase Rage Mode ability duration by +10%. Rage Mode
Outrage 200 SP Increase the Souls multiplier while in Rage Mode by +10x. Already Enraged
3 Rows 350,000 SP Spawn 3 rows of Coins instead of 2 when completing sections of the Bonus Stage. Bonus Rewards+
Climbing Boots 750,000 SP Unlock the ability to perform Wall Jumps in Bonus Stages. Bonus Stage 2
Bonus Sphere Control 5,000,000 SP After completing a Bonus Stage Section, every remaining Bonus Sphere will give you a speed boost. Climbing Boots
Rage Mode 30,000,000 SP Unlock the Rage Mode ability. Go super fast and slay everything that's in front of you instantly. While you are in Rage Mode, you get x100 Souls! Critical Culling
Giant Horde 50,000,000 SP Upgrades the Horde Random Event to include Giants. Mega Horde
Bonus Stage 3 5.00e8
500 M SP
Unlock a new Bonus Stage with better rewards. Climbing Boots
Rare Soul Vase 7.00e8
700 M SP
Increase Soul gain while the game is closed by 15%. Divinities
Astral Slayer 7.50e7
750 M SP
Unlock Astral Ascension Upgrades which are Ascension Upgrades that remain unlocked across Ultra Ascensions. Ramen, Stew
Board The Platforms 1.50e9
1.50 B SP
Some pitfalls in Bonus Stage 3 will be covered to prevent you from falling. Bonus Stage 3
Reincarnation 2.50e9
2.5 B SP
Increase the chance of spawning enemies by 25%. Souls Surge I
Souls Surge I 3.00e9
3 B SP
Gain 20% Souls bonus. Ultra Ascension
Souls Surge II 5.00e9
5 B SP
Gain 25% Souls bonus. Souls Surge I
Chemical X 9.00e9
9 B SP
Get 0.25% CpS Bonus for every level of the Minion Goo Mutant. Human After All
Uncontrolled Anger 1.00e10
10 B SP
Increase Rage Mode ability duration by +20%. Outrage
Endless Aggression 1.50e10
15 B SP
Increase Rage Mode ability duration by +25%. Outrage
Triple Silvers 2.00e10
20 B SP
Spawn 3 Silver Random Boxes instead of 2 with the Tria Randomness event. Souls Surge II
Magic Beetle Box 3.00e10
30 B SP
Unlock a bunch of magic beetle upgrades. Souls Surge II
Bad-Tempered 5.00e10
50 B SP
Increase the Souls multiplier while in Rage Mode by +50x. Outrage
Unique Soul Vase 6.50e10
65 B SP
Increase Soul gain while the game is closed by 50%. Rare Soul Vase
Provisions 1.50e11
150 B SP
Get +1 additional Minion levels after claiming the reward. Leadership Master
Wander's Path 1.00e12
1 T SP
Get a 400% Souls bonus from Giants. Reincarnation
The Eye of Providence 3.00e12
3 T SP
Unlock the Cyclops Minion. Triple Silvers
Silver Spirit 5.00e13
50 T SP
If you have the Silver Death Dark Divinity and the Spirit Boost is activated in a Bonus Stage, it will remove all saws but it will still give you the Silver Death reward. Bonus Stage 3

ASTRAL Upgrades

Name Astral
Cost Effect Required Ascension Upgrades
Village Key Yes 2,000,000 SP Unlock a new Craftable Temporary Item. Astral Slayer
Astral Sword Yes 10,000,000 SP Your Sword will retain +5 levels upon Ascension. Astral Slayer
Astral Blessing Yes 60,000,000 SP Keep the Stones of Time unlocked even after Ultra Ascending. Stones of Time
Leadership Master No 1.00e8
100 M SP
Unlock the ability to send all your Minions on missions and to claim all the rewards at once. The Chosen One
Command & Conquer No 7.50e8
750 M SP
Decrease Minion mission costs by 95%. Perfect Prestige
Mastery of Multipliers No 1.00e9
1 B SP
Increase the 9x Random Event multiplier to 10x. Astral Slayer
Slash The Life No 3.00e9
3 B SP
Increase the chance of doing critical hits by 3%. 3 Rows
Eternal Rage Yes 4.50e9
4.5 B SP
Keep the Rage Mode unlocked even after Ultra Ascending. Rage Mode
Magical Temporary Item No 8.50e9
8.5 B SP
Craftable Temporary Items will also work on the Bonus Stage. Bag
Flawless No 1.00e10
10 B SP
Get two more Random Boxes at the end of the Bonus Stage if you don't fall off in any section. Soul Silver
Stone of Hope Yes 1.50e10
15 B SP
Unlock a new Stone of Time. Astral Slayer
Silk Master Yes 5.00e10
50 B SP
Permanently unlock the Gloves and the Cape. Astral Slayer
Gem Seller No 5.50e10
55 B SP
Gems will count towards Pick Up Coins Quests. 3 Rows
Gem Buyer No 8.50e10
85 B SP
Coins will count towards Pick Up Gems Quests. Gem Seller
Ancient Treasures Yes 5.00e11
500 B SP
Unlock multiple new Permanent Craftable Items. Magical Temporary Item
Collateral No 1.50e12
1.5 T SP
Quests which require you to kill enemies will increment by +1 per kill (In-game only). Reincarnation
Time Skip Yes 2.00e12
2 T SP
The effect of the Daily Minion Bonus is increased by 3 hours. The Eye of Providence
Chest In a Chest No 5.00e13
50 T SP
Get a very small chance of getting an Armory Chest from the Chest Hunt Minigame.
Note: Craftable Item Requirement: Armory
Bonus Stage 3
Stone of Rage Yes 5.00e14
500 T SP
Unlock a new Stone of Time. Stone of Hope
Multiverse No 1.00e15
1 Qa SP
Permanently unlock the Portal Dominum Ascension Upgrade. Portal Dominum
Rights of a Villager Yes 5.00e14
500 T SP
The Village Key will no longer be needed. You can select to go to the Village for free from the Portal Selection Menu. Multiverse
  1. Astral Lock: To activate this Astral Ascension Upgrade permanently, you need to Ultra Ascend at least once after purchasing the Astral Locked upgrade.

Related Achievements

Name Requirement
And Even Beyond Ultra Ascend for the first time
The Origins Ultra Ascend 2 times.
Back Where It All Begins Ultra Ascend 3 times.
REBORN! Ultra Ascend 4 times.
A Call Of The Ultra Gods Ultra Ascend 5 times.
Ultra Lord Ultra Ascend 10 times.