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Weekly Quests (WQ) are unlocked by crafting the Itinerary for 5.00e52 / 50 Sd Coins as well as the following Materials: 250 Bat Wings, 65 Goblin Cloth, and 100 Root. Weekly Quests are found in the Quest tab of the game.

You get 1 Weekly Quest per week and can reroll your quest once by watching an ad. Weekly Quests will reset at midnight, Wednesday, according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This will replace the previous quest if you haven't yet completed it.

Each completed Weekly Quest rewards the player with a single Simurgh Egg, a Material.

Weekly Quest Types[]

There are many Weekly Quest types, and each type can have a variable number required to complete the Quest.

  • Weekly Chest Hunt Quest - Open 160/180/200 Chests.
  • Weekly Portal Quest - Go through 45/55/60 Portals.
  • Weekly Daily Quests - Complete 16/18/20 Daily Quests (must claim the quest rewards to count).
  • Weekly Rage Kills - Kill 160,000/180,000/200,000 enemies using the Rage ability.


A Simurgh Egg can be cracked open for 6-10 Simurgh Feathers (This is a Craftable Temporary Item). Using another Craftable Temporary Item, "Crack Giant Dragon Egg," - which costs 3 Dragon Eggs and 2 Simurgh Feathers, you can, "Craft and crack a Giant Dragon Egg. You need free space in your Armory to open one." This will result in an Armory Chest of Defense, which will give you a set of Armor. In one of the latest updates, however, it is now possible to obtain armory chests of boots and helmets using a temporary crafting recipe involving these feathers. To get a Helmet, craft a Giant reptile egg with 2 dragon eggs, 4 reptile eyes and two Simurgh Feathers. In order to obtain the boots, craft together 8 shards (Obtainable from salvaging other armory items), 4 dragon scales and 3 Simurgh Feathers.

Related Achievements[]

Name Requirement
See You Next Week Complete 1 Weekly Quests.
All Set Complete 3 Weekly Quests.
Bit By Bit Complete 5 Weekly Quests.
7 Days To Slay Complete 10 Weekly Quests.
Simurgh Seal Complete 20 Weekly Quests.